1. Ghost 141

    PC First look that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MP Remaster Mod For Black ops 3

    I'll be buying black ops 3 on pc just for this. All Fan made. MW2 Multiplayer Remastered Developer Interview Tell me about yourself - who are you and what do you do? Hello! My name is Andy or by my username “Gunoftruth”. I am a Call of Duty Modder and have been for the past seven years. I...
  2. D

    Official Ps3 Mw2 and Mw3 teams

    Just making the thread to post how where doing and to show who is on the team. So far the MW3 team is 2-1, getting off to a good start. Mw2 team is still 0-0 Mw3 roster: Bonesgraves32 Michigan Drator Sasquatch57 Mw2 Roster: Gost68432 Kinger145 Michigan OGr4iity Dm_marine_kills
  3. DM Toonaami

    MW2 Sniper Streak

    Not to great but I haven't played this game in forever... throw it a like? <3
  4. DM Colt

    DM Colt's app for mw2 or black ops

    hey, I'm DM Colt, i was MOHH2 commander, i have a xbox, looking to join back ops team or mw2, add me on xbox gamertag- HOS3Y GB- DM-HOS3Y
  5. J

    Ps3 Mw2 Tryout?

    Hello im jevroz or call me J.... Im a mw2 player, i trickshott, but a beast at quickscoping, I would really like to join, i can also use assault. Im from england xD :Simkin:
  6. DM Forbington

    BO or MW2?

    So im getting my ps3 in a week and i dont want to get both, which one should i get for ps3? and you should post your psns so i can add you
  7. Queen Macy

    360 MW2 team?

    Is there one? We need to be more active. You can tell I'm really bored of studying Bio for hours now.. haha And don't be asking if I'm blind or something because I could see some titles of threads saying like "Another GB team for 360" etc. but I CANNOT see them because they're in the secured...
  8. DM Lordlander

    Mw2 gb team avatar?

    If someone could make us an avatar, that would be greatly appreciated. Heres the team page for whatever reason. Seriously I would love you forevz if you made us one. Whoever you are. Somewhere out there.
  9. DM Lordlander

    Mw2 GB team

    Well I have just made the Mw2 GB team, everyone post your GB info so I can add you to the team, and we can start playing soon. Edit: Because of my headset being broken, I'm going to appoint a Co-Leader for a week, or until I get my headset back. If the Co-Leader chosen by me turns out to be...
  10. DM Lordlander

    CoD4 and/or Mw2 ps3 team?

    If I were to make a CoD4 or Mw2 team (with admin permission, of course), who would be interested in joining? Which one would you rather have? If enough people want to do this, I'll ask some admins If I could make one. So, let's get an estimated numbers count on who is willing to do this. Edit...
  11. DM4L SK

    MW2 10th/All titles and challenges. For free.

    Anybody on the site that needs to get into a lobby or doesn't have all challenges/titles and emblems send me a F/R on ps3. PsN = HhazeL I'll do them for free because I hope you guys would do something like that for me too if I was you.
  12. DM xDarkKx

    TGN!IW fixing MW2? and MOAR!

    Lets start off with the MW2! Infinity Ward looking to fix PS3 MW2 security problems “as quick as possible” Infinity Ward comms boss Rob Bowling has provided an update to the security problems facing the PS3 version of Modern Warfare 2. Bowling said on the IW forums that the developer is...
  13. Night_Raven-_-

    should I buy MW2 again???????

  14. DM xDarkKx

    MW2 was Sabotaged? Guy plays CoD with his face!

    Was Modern Warfare 2 Sabotaged? Was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a "silent rebellion" on the part of Infinity Ward, an early shot in the big Activision legal battle? Kotaku commenter Shibuya ESPer explores the possibility in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku. Has anyone ever considered the...
  15. DM Viktomize

    Funny MW2 Commentary

    Yeah I just watched this and thought it was one of the better commentaries that I have heard. Check it out: Yeah well the embed didn't work so there it is. And FV is a queer. And the commentator starts to lose his voice by the end of the...