1. DM ToRNaDo412

    Mohh and Mohh2 Servers Finally Shutting Down

    Well folks this is the end of the game where DM began. Let's all reminisce on the good times. they didn't even have the decency to call it Medal of Honor Heroes. Moh airborne gtfo.
  2. iQuiKShOt 4L

    MoHH2 Community site for all mohh2 players New site made to get old/new and retired mohh2 playas together...its going well so far..check it out..
  3. T

    CPG MoHH2 3v3 Tourney

    Please visit CPG site (i cant post links..) Please refer to that site ^, You must reply to that topic to get in. Including your team members.
  4. DM Hunt3r

    DM MoHH2 Roster [Updated 1/10/2011]

    DM MoHH2 Roster / War Record [Updated 1/10/2011] Commander DM zH u n t Officers DM KrAzYWuN Enlisted DM x951RPNx DM Bowser DM MeNTaL1ST DM Z0MBIeSD8 DM AkRosFiRE Practices will not be held on a daily basis, they will be replaced by public games that our competition is playing...
  5. DM Psycotic

    Does DM still play Moh:h2 on psp?

    lol i saw my friends Mohh2 UMD today and asked him if i could have it, seeing as he doesnt play psp anymore so yeah, im getting that, thinking about repping the clan...xD but er do we still play it? and yeah, i know im a total fuckin noobXD
  6. DM iNSANE

    Video of me playing mohh2

    the quality isnt good but its me playing with hunter mario and deathrow. tell me if my aim sucks- if it does ill stop complaining about my internet and it taking a billion shots to kill ppl (even tho it wasnt that bad in this video)
  7. DM Bowser

    DM MoH:H2 War Record(Revived 10/24/10)

    Total Record: 11-3 Wins: iP:6x MV:1x Vo:1x uK:1x Wz:1x NY:1x Losses: MV:1x iP:2x
  8. DM Bowser

    DM MoH:H2 Roster (Revived 10/24/10)

    Commander: DM Bowser Co-Leader: DM xH u n t Members: DM 904BEAST DM iNSANE x DM F3RM DM4L COLT 45 DM LtSlyHer0 DM RaGeFuLL DM AmaZinG DM Mario DM x951RPNx 11/12 Members Rules: No Warring without a commander's approval. Co-Leader must have approval of Commander before making any...
  9. D

    MV vs DM on MOHH2??

    So we're gettin pretty bored on mohh2,ownin iP and them denying im here to maybe get DM to come war us... yall got rpn,hunt,wicked,and i think bowz and supa hoe..So yall should come for one war....there wont be any shit talking..ill assure you that...So maybe we can get a 4v4,5v5 or...
  10. DM Hunt3r

    RR and MOHH2 to AWL [Read Inisde]

    Please go to and register and account, then go to,32453.msg109341.html#msg109341 AND,32573.0.htmland vote "YES". If the count reaches...
  11. DM Ba73yRaven

    me playin mohh2

    sub to me on my gamer tag on mohh2 is DM Ba73y
  12. ★Baller★

    restart dm in mohh2

    so can we restart it on mohh2? im dm4l koopa by the way
  13. D

    DM for MoHH2?

    so i was just DM going to come back for DM because i know alot of people willing to come back for the DM MoHH2 team and i think it would be awesome. of coarse its up to the leaders and captains but its just my opinion.
  14. DM Colt


    24 hrs from now if no one on the team sends me a message telling me not too, i will disbanned this part of the clan again
  15. DM KNIGHTParikh

    [MoHH2] I found this to be EXTREMELY funny NUUUUUBZ Go spam the shit out of their thread. im already banned cuz i brought up how OG's like DM, FL, AVA, R4W could pwn these guys...xD
  16. DM Colt

    disbanding DM mohh2

    as the commander for mohh2, im officially disbanding this part of the the clan for good... that means no one is to even try to bring DM back to this game, we had our run with this god awful game, and we did really good, sorry for all my clanmates that still play this game... -DM4L COLt45
  17. DM firevice

    firevice's Guide to MoH:H2 Etiquitte

    MoH:H2 Etiquitte #1 NEVER SAY 101. #2 D0N7 74LK W1TH L3773R5. It just makes you look lazy. If your excuse is "But its faster" well, B4nshee, 951 and I talk normally and look where we got. #3 Bring a pistol to a pistol fight. #4 Don't intentionally 2v1. #5 NEVER TYPE KILL. #6 Don't Tbag unless...
  18. DM KNIGHTParikh

    New DM MoH:H2 Member

    DM members on MoH:H2 add: DM vKNiTexYz
  19. D


    hi im air most of all of you know me yea da drug addict::bluntlol jk but im here 4 a tryout on mohh2 can i tryout 4 dm or not ???
  20. DM firevice