1. The Last day of Mixer......| Revillution.net

    The Last day of Mixer......| Revillution.net

    Smokey decided to do a stream on the final day of Mixer's existence.....Rest in Peace Mixer. Follow Smokey on Twitch - https://twitch.tv/smokeyrev
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    Betrayer: stylish FPS from former F.E.A.R. developers announced

    Add to My News Story by Dave Cook Mon, Aug 05, 2013 | 14:19 BST Betrayer is the debut project from the former F.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever developers that make up Blackpowder Games. It’s a noir-esque FPS set in a monochromatic depiction of colonial Virginia. PC Gamer has the...
  3. D

    Pretty Decent Free FPS (PC only)

    I been away from the console gaming for a while, I built my own PC and have never been happier. Graphics are better, online gaming has way less lag. Even have a 360 controller linked to my desktop (for friends only). To cut to the chase here is the best FPS I have found for free on PC. Check it...
  4. S

    DUST 514 MMO FPS

  5. DM Blazer

    Borderlands ( FPS RPG)

    Well i was wondering if anybody has this game, either 360 or PS3? I am probably going to buy it because MW2 is getting really boring and bf bc 2 will be another mp shooter. I just beat Batman: Arkham Asylum and thought that game was amazing. I saw a couple videos of borderlands and like the...