1. DM Toonaami

    Site Downtime

    There might be spurts of downtime while I upgrade some stuff. I have already made a site backup so don't worry. If shit is down don't panic. -:Toon:
  2. DM Deathrow

    Unexpected Downtime

    Earlier today, GoDaddy, our hosting website, was experiencing difficulties with their DNS servers. It seems that GoDaddy has it under control as of now, but if you happen to experience not loading correctly then please do not fret. We can't do anything in our power to get the site...
  3. DM CptReilly

    Downtime before the big titles come out: What to play?

    So before BF3, MW3 and other major titles are released in the coming months, what are you playing? I have had about enough of BO and I have 1 achievement left on Portal 2 so I am looking for something else to play between now and the release of MW3. I saw Resident Evil 4 (One of the best games...
  4. OUTL4W


    Hey guys, I'm sure you noticed the site was down today. Here is the email I got from my host: So ya, I don't know what the fuck has changed since they don't return my emails, they just close the ticket without any kind of response. I am investigating if WebKore has had any kind of change...
  5. OUTL4W

    Yesterdays Downtime

    Our host suspended our site cuz our shoutbox is causing too much strain on the server we are on, and causing other ppls sites to lag. So they asked me to set the site up so that the shoutbox is only viewable to ppl who are logged in to see if that helps. So for now, you will only be able to...
  6. OUTL4W

    Yesterday's Downtime

    Hey guys, Sorry about that downtime yesterday. To fill you in here is an email I got from my host: ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Hi Jeff, I just got the license file from them (late, but at least I have it). I'm configuring the TS server now. I also need to ask...