1. OUTL4W

    Steam Summer Getaway Sale – Final Day

    Add to My News Story by Brenna Hillier Mon, Jul 22, 2013 | 01:51 BST It’s your last chance to take advantage of Steam’s ridiculously compelling summer sale, so enjoy these encore offers from the past ten days of fervent consumerism. As you can see, at time of writing the flash and community...
  2. OUTL4W

    Comic-Con Shopping Day Two: Oh No, This Isn't For Me

    Day one of my Comic-Con shopping experience was mostly about what I wanted. What about my family? What about their needs? I think I've got them covered. Fun fact: Last year I brought an empty suitcase with me to Comic-Con, just for things. This year, I brought an ever-growing ball of...
  3. OUTL4W

    Moneysaver: Steam Summer Sale Day 9 Breakdown

    Dealteor Shower. About the Moneysaver The Steam Summer Sale is without a doubt the year's most well-known series of discounts on games, but at Kotaku we know you want gaming deals every day. Brought to you by the Commerce Team, the Kotaku Moneysaver posts every day at 2:15pm ET*, bringing you...
  4. DM Toonaami

    Labor Day

    Anyone doing anything special for Labor Day Weekend? I am taking my usual camping trip over my bday and gunna get drunk. How about you?
  5. C

    Free Slurpee Day 2011

    Yup, you've read correctly! For celebrating 711's 80th birthday, you can go and get a small slurpee for free. I've already had about a dozen and then sneaking in at their next shift change ;) Also have the team gulp that I'll fill, 3.8. liters for 5 bucks, can't go wrong with that! ENJOY EVERYONE!
  6. Night_Raven-_-

    Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to all the canadians in the clan ((=
  7. GaZa

    Steelers:) all day Black and Yellow

    :fuckyou:Green Bay goign to lose.
  8. DM SilentAs5asin

    Valentines day

    hell it may be a month away but its always better to plan ahead xD what do you have planned for it? I noticed most of my friends are having a horrible new year so im giving all that responded thier favorite flower and a letter with it =) hopefully they feel better but i know its only temporary...
  9. GaZa

    World`s Aids Day

    Rap it up bros, and don`t fuck no hood tings, okay a clean hood ting is acceptable. Get Tested, Do the right thing:)
  10. DM4L Krysis

    Just another day...

    Just another day? you tell me. Okay, so a few days ago when my friends got a bus back from school, just another normal day UNTIL.. a bunch of upper year guys from a different school asks what phone my friend has. so my other friend says "he hasnt got one with him" and the other...
  11. DM MysterySock

    First Day Of School!

    First day suck ass it wuz boring as hell.But I got a FINE ass teacher like DAMN THT BITCH IS HOT!She waz wearing this tight dress kinda thing and you could c rite through it.Oh my god wat a fine teacher.:] ~Huggy
  12. DM CptReilly

    Terrible Day FML

    Ok have you ever had one of those days where it's just like "how the fuck could this get any worse?" well I had one today. Woke up, beautiful morning, went for a run to get some exercise, and I came back pretty exhausted. Right when I get back my friends want to play soccer, so I say eh Im...
  13. DM xFantin

    A great father day story!

    This was during the jays game today. John McDonald's father passed away last week, and this was his first game back since he lost his father. In his first at bat since, a pinch hit in the 9th inning, he hit his first homerun of the season. Read the news article: .
  14. DMW4L MeatsGirl

    Happy Fathers Day DM Daddies

    Happy Fathers Day to all the DM Daddies. Hope your children, show u how important u are to them. Cheers.
  15. V

    A cool little something I picked up the other day :D

    The camera has audio leveler stuff which completely distorted and softened the exhaust, it sounds 30x better and louder in person, friend told me today that my exhaust is nasty lol. It's a BA bike and a fast little mofo that's for sure.<center> <object width="480"...
  16. Royal1Wun


  17. DM CptReilly


  18. D

    happy St. Patty's day DM

    happy St. Patty's day DM hope you all were lots of green
  19. DM ToRNaDo412

    one more day

    one day left, i will be on rr tonight to say goodbye, but i wanted to share this final vid with yall that i found. previews of all the maps
  20. DMW4L MeatsGirl

    The gift of love for Valentins day! Sounds good! went to do it..... but only ships text on the MM to Canada, not the picture and text on the candy.... :( and they currently don't allow email ordering for Canada either, only phone and twice the price.. awww! Well its cool for all you Americans! MG::blunt