1. DM Toonaami

    PS3 Black Ops 2 Commander

    Is going to be hunt3r. He has demonstrated skill and leadership in past games (MW3, FTB3). He has a plethora of GB experience and is not taking this lightly. He has nominated his captain as Bowser which has been approved by Assembly. All future PS3 BO2 questions will be answered by him...
  2. C

    BF3 PS3 Commander Issue

    Hello team, Your commander Ballin Dog's PS3 has unfortunately broke. It will be a month or two before he gets a new one, a tough spot to be in for this new game. I'd like you all on the team to realize that Ballin has great potential but has yet to show it, he was jipped out of BC2...
  3. DM Toonaami

    Xbox 360 Console Commander

    SK isn't gaming anymore (again), some of you make feel that it isn't needed, but the admins talked and decided that we would like YOU, the Xbox 360 Members to vote on a potential new CC. Please refrain from talking trash or making dumb comments. This is for you guys. :D I am expecting to...
  4. Royal1Wun

    R3 Commander.

    Well I would just like for this to be my entry for the commander posistion for Resistance 3. I believe I am more than qualified to fill the posistion I would just like to know if I may be givin leadership/commandership of this game. GBs will be in the future but as for right now I will be...
  5. Hero * IRONMAN

    360 BLack Ops Commander

    Hey, noo I don't have an xbox but my friend that has a profile here.. He wants to try out for the team and be a DM again, I think he has a mic.. His GT is sMiiLe ICU....
  6. DM Bowser

    New PS3 BO Commander

    is me :) the same rules that bat made are still applied. plus you are gonna have to play a few games with me so i can figure out how you play. GB Team: Please add my PSN and let me know if you wanna tryout in the...
  7. DM Poisoned

    FTB3 Commander Read.

    Congratulations Will. I knew you were the man for the job. Now,with Brut out of the picture, I'm free to voice my opinion without an unnecessary backlash. If you allow it,I have decided to rejoin the FTB3 Team once more. I will help out as much as possible,and unrust in 2 days TOPS. Thank you...
  8. D

    -To the commander of the RR team-

    Sup,its been awhile since i visited this site.But i saw your post on the MV site.i am the commander of the MV rr team.And i would like too schedule a war for like friday or saturday.If you can post which day,and time suits you,i'd really appriciate it :D Thank you for your time. -MV4L QuiKShOt
  9. DM ToRNaDo412

    Announcing My Retirement as DM PSP Commander

    Good afternoon thank you guys for everything, really. i love spending time with all DM. rise to the top baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can an admin please make the color changes accordingly
  10. DM Toonaami

    -W.iC.k3.D- For FTB2 Commander

    Yes, i think -W.iC.k3.D- Would be a good FTB2 Commander. I dont really care. No, I Dont think -W.iC.k3.D- WOuld be a good FTB2 Commander P.S Sry to busta, i havent seen u on site or on FTB2 to talk to you about this. PM me or something. P.S.S This is for all DM forum members not just people...
  11. D

    RR Commander?

    so no1 here on DM plays RR so. do you mind if i command for it? please dont spam the shit outta it.
  12. DM firevice

    Stepping Down as Commander (firevice)

    I have made the decision that I don't want to be commander for Call of Duty 5. The game is getting EXTREMELY BORING to me and is very repetitive, juggernaught MP40.... I play more Gears than COD anymore. Instead, with the permission of the admins and Ck and DR, I would like to lead Modern...
  13. DM Metalhead

    Justy is new mohh1 commander

    i know this is long overdue cuz i wasnt on in forever; to much life drama. but ^^^your commander. whoever agrees, post it now your first act as commander is to make a new updated roster cuz your on the most and it would really help clarify fakes and shit and btw all you people who like to start...
  14. DM CptReilly

    Commander Reilly

    As of Tuesday January the twenty-second, in the year of our lord two thousand and eight, THE Captain Reilly is a co-commander for MOHH2. I am really thankful for this opportunity and I want to thank Cave and Btmn for their support. I look forward to Co-leading MOHH2 and continuing our streak...
  15. DM FoCuS

    New Halo 3 Commander.

    Hey guys, this is showdown. some of you might remember me as the halo 2 commander? well now i have been given the commandership for halo 3. With everdream leaving with no notice linster gave me the commandership. i promise i won't let you down and i'll do anything that makes the clan better as a...
  16. DM Lordlander

    New call of duty commander.

    Ok so as some of you have heard, we are gonna start up call of duty again. Me chuck, and linster, and we need YOUR help to find out who is gonna be the main leader, co leader, and co co leader. 1st place gets Main leader, 2nd, 2nd leader, and so on. So please, vote on you think would be a good...
  17. DM Morbid

    who wud u want as another commander?

    if me or yank were to step down, who wud u want?
  18. DM FlyMEXboy

    the 3rd commander revotes

    k now i was told to put this post by morbd. dont blame me but looking at these few past days my opinion has changed to c if there really should be a 3rd commander P.S. i hope u guys think about your decision before u vote and thank u for voting
  19. DM Morbid

    3rd commander? shud ther b 1?

    i was just woundering wut u guyz thot......
  20. Royal1Wun

    DM Yankee02 is now a MoHH Commander!

    Good job man, you deserve it. And don't just thank me thank all of our members because they all wanted you to be in the position.