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  1. Ghost 141

    Corpse Collector Bundle Releasing April 13th

    Corpse Collector Bundle Releasing April 13th
  2. Ghost 141

    Gameplay updates for Beta Weekend 2:

    Gameplay updates for Beta Weekend 2: • Sliding changes • Weapon tuning • Duster Stock, Field Mic, Frag Grenade, and Agency Suppressor tweaks • Cross-progression enabled + more Details at the blog: Also coming this weekend: • 2XP + 2X Weapon XP starts Oct...
  3. Ghost 141

    New Zombies Teaser Trailer

    Black ops Cold War Zombie Teaser Trailer ! Full trailer releasing 30th at 6pm UK
  4. Ghost 141

    Warzone Nuke Event, Launch Codes sent to youtubers!

    Warzone Nuke Event, Launch Codes sent to youtubers! - YouTube
  5. Ghost 141

    #CallofDuty #BlackopsColdWar Merchandise Announced !

    Some of the merch features the same 'nuclear launch code' number sequence as the ones sent to various #CallofDuty content creators!
  6. Ghost 141

    Editions FAQ

    Activision Support has shared a lengthy FAQ on their website detailing exactly the different bundles, options, and more for Black Ops Cold War and which editions are compatible with next-gen consoles. At a high level look, here’s the key points: Digital Standard Edition of Black Ops Cold...
  7. Ghost 141

    Black ops Cold War Reveal 10th August

    Sources - Charlie intel has one to.
  8. Ghost 141

    Rumour COD 2020 Reveal Delayed till August?

    Its getting later and later now.
  9. Ghost 141


    Twitter user OogtheLegend tweeted out, what appears to be a 90 second clip of alpha build footage of the upcoming Call of Duty title, Black Ops: Cold War. Heres a clip of the video No dead silence in the current build also.
  10. Ghost 141

    #GamingNews Rumour: Call of Duty 2020 Teaser May 22nd ?

    The cold war started on May 22nd 1947. May 22nd is on Friday, could this be a possible teaser release date?

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