1. OUTL4W

    They Call Him The ‘Intelligent’ Call of Duty Pro-Gamer

    Professional player Raymond Lussier (aka Rambo) has made a career of playing Call of Duty on some of the biggest stages in the world. Along with his team EnVyUs they placed second at the Call of Duty Championships, even if they haven't seen similar success in recent events. But to the wider...
  2. DM Viktomize

    Call Of Duty Soon To Become An Xbox 360 Exclusive?

  3. Misery

    I'll Call You.

  4. DM Deathrow

    Call of Duty coming to the Vita!

    Reported earlier this morning by Joystiq, Call of Duty has been announced coming to the PS Vita this Fall 2012 Q4! Joystiq reports, "Call of Duty will be launching on Vita this fall, Sony's SVP of PlayStation Brand Marketing told Game Trailers in a video interview. SVP Guy Longworth, hired...
  5. Night_Raven-_-

    Average Battlefield player vs. average Call of Duty player

    lol pretty funnehh
  6. DM ViSiioNaRY

    New Call of Duty Edition

    here it is.
  7. DM ViSiioNaRY

    Call of Duty XP FULL INFO

    Heres a video of the full 50 minutes call of duty xp presentation. 16EqOQVSG94 yes i watched the whole thing.. its was late and i was bored. :coffee:
  8. M

    The Call To Duty. Guess that Map part 3

    Sgt Mike was a Beast back in the day.. Knowing every wall bang "spam point" on each map.. He really hated this map though. He really hated the fact that it was a smaller map and really bright. Plus only 2 entry ways on this map. Two Great sniping positions, and The bomb locations were trash...
  9. M

    The Last Call to Duty. NAME THAT MAP part 2

    Sgt Mike wasn't known much for being a Team player. All he cared about was his KD and Camping spots. Knowing this map was going to be a bit darker and harder to get around unspotted he knew he would have to throw on his Thermal scope on his "ACR" along with a Silencer and cold blooded along with...
  10. M

    The Last Call To Duty, "NAME THAT MAP"!!

    Sgt Mike was last to know, as he gazed up into the sky, he realized that 4 noob tubes were spirolling into his direction. "Those Mutha Fuckers" he Yells out, as he runs to the left of the L shaped plane. As half the Team gets taken out, He runs straight down the left of the plane and Lays down...
  11. DM ToRNaDo412

    Introducing Call of Duty Elite Subscription Plan Source:
  12. DM Poisoned

    Call of the Dead

    Who got the map pack? And if so, who's willing to play a round a zombies here and then? I'm tired of waiting to join a lobby, just so it can be closed, and then when I finally do get in a lobby, the kids I play with are micless randoms who play like 3 year olds. Hmu on Live :D
  13. DM DeathWish

    Call Of The Dead Trailer ! Enjoy......
  14. OUTL4W

    Call of Duty coming updates 1.06+

    These details and more have emerged about what Treyarch have planned for Black Ops with regards to future gameplay updates (version 1.06 and beyond). The full post from David Vonderhaar can be found below or on the official forum thread...
  15. DM firevice

    Favorite/Best Call of Duty?

    Simple poll, what was your favorite Call of Duty game of all time? My vote goes for Call of Duty 4. The CoD's afterwards all took the ideas from this game and expanded upon them. There is no denying the fact that this game was very influential. P.S. I added the "unknown" CoD's so some...
  16. D

    Call of Duty: Zombies

    The game for the iPod touch. Does anyone else have it? If so, what do you think of it? Would you be interested in getting a couple DM online to play it? Not a team, just getting online one day and playing together.
  17. DM4L Krysis

    Duke Nukem Prank call

  18. DM Viktomize

    Information on Call Of Duty: Black Ops

    Copy and Pasted from the Official Black Ops site. I'm not sure if this information is 100% Accurate. It seems like it is though. FAQ SECTION Q: Will there be/Is there a beta? A: No, unfortunately there will be no public beta. Treyarch has confirmed that they are only doing an internal beta...
  19. D

    i call this bullshit

    1st clip is like 2 months ago never uploaded it.
  20. D

    Call it...revival. Who remembers This is a site that I've been involved with for almost two years, now. It used to be solely Medal of Honor Heroes based, but we've expanded it into Call of Duty and SOCOM. As the site gets more popularity, we plan...