1. DM Toonaami

    Borderlands 2 Insanity

    30rOFW30YZU -:Toon:
  2. DM Toonaami

    Borderlands 2

    Anyone getting it? I know Hhasy and I will be going ham on co-op. Borderlands 1 Was nothing but a Win for me. Gunna be playing it until BO2 Prolly. : )
  3. DM Blazer

    Borderlands ( FPS RPG)

    Well i was wondering if anybody has this game, either 360 or PS3? I am probably going to buy it because MW2 is getting really boring and bf bc 2 will be another mp shooter. I just beat Batman: Arkham Asylum and thought that game was amazing. I saw a couple videos of borderlands and like the...