1. DM 951RPN

    Happy Birthday Hunter.

    Happy birthday buddy, hope you have a good one. :thumbsup: bday DM Hunt3r
  2. DM Toonaami

    Happy Birthday Morbid

    Happy 21 Bud Enjoy it!! DM Morbid
  3. DM 951RPN

    happy birthday Drator!

    Happy bday man, hope you have a good one and have fun today!!
  4. DM 951RPN

    Happy Birthday Senshi, aka Cpt Taco

    Happy Birthday Senshi, hope you have a good day today see you on ps3 ::cheers bday:BouncingBetty:
  5. DM 951RPN

    Happy birthday Vik!

    bday. Happy birthday Vik, hope you have a good day today and don't forget to get fucked up! bday. :thumbsup:
  6. DM 951RPN

    Happy Birthday Hasy

    Happy birthday Hasy, hope you get laid, fucked up, and some presents today and enjoy your day.:thumbsup: bday
  7. DM Deathrow

    Happy Birthday Sandman!

    bday bro! Hope you have a wonderul birthday dude!
  8. DM Sandman

    Happy Birthday MsterySock

    Happy birthday MysterySock aka Huggy!! I hope u have a great day bro!! Btw I miss our old ftb2 days :(
  9. DM 951RPN

    Happy Birthday Fantin

    Happy birthday buddy, hope you enjoy your day, dont know how you do things in canada but i hope you have a fucking good time! bday
  10. DM Deathrow

    Happy Birthday Krysis!

    bday man! I hope it's a good one dude! Enjoy some cake!
  11. DM 951RPN

    Happy Birthday Fash

    Happy birthday fashion aka KMV, hope you have a wonderful day, and try to have some fun :bday:
  12. DM 951RPN


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPA! hope you have a great day, and take advantage that its on a Friday. bday
  13. DM firevice

    Happy Birthday Mexifornia... if you're still out there!

    I miss your mexican ass. Get back on here. Happy fucking birthday
  14. DM Morbid

    happy birthday toon!

    Happy birthday dude! Get some ;) :Morbid:
  15. DM 951RPN


    Happy fucking birthday Fly, hope you have a good one, and enjoy your day buddy! bday
  16. DM Toonaami

    Happy Birthday LL

    This mofo was like the 15th person to register on the site. And he is still here like a fucking pro. Happy birthday broski have a good one. Hope to have you around for another 5 years.
  17. DM CptReilly

    firevice, Happy Birthday ^_^

    Happy birthday, a day late. Viktomize said he was going to make the greatest thread ever for you but he never did, so thats why this is a day late. Please direct all hate towards Viktomize. :lies:
  18. DM DHomeboy

    Happy Birthday Spades!!!!!!IK:HIOLUDLHKSHGSJHGDKJS

    bday have a super good day bruh because good days are for hoes.
  19. DM firevice

    Happy Birthday CptReilly!

    Happy Motherfucking Birthday you handsome motherfucker! Get out there and unleash "The Cpt"
  20. DM 951RPN

    Happy Birthday Hunter!

    Dam Hunt, i known you for 5 years now, and im glad your finally a man, lol, enjoy your day and im glad you always been a coo ass mother efer! ::cheers::