1. Ghost 141

    Gameplay updates for Beta Weekend 2:

    Gameplay updates for Beta Weekend 2: • Sliding changes • Weapon tuning • Duster Stock, Field Mic, Frag Grenade, and Agency Suppressor tweaks • Cross-progression enabled + more Details at the blog: Also coming this weekend: • 2XP + 2X Weapon XP starts Oct...
  2. Ghost 141

    FIRETEAM: DIRTY BOMB - FOV on all Platforms

    FOV Slider on All Platforms We’re extremely excited to bring the Field of View (FOV) slider feature to all platforms for the first time in a Black Ops game, and you’ll be able to try it out during the Beta. This is another way we’re optimizing Black Ops Cold War for a globally connected...
  3. OUTL4W

    Incognita beta expected within the next 1-2 months, says Klei

    Add to My News Story by Stephany Nunneley Fri, Jul 26, 2013 | 20:58 BST Incognita, Klei Entertainment’s turn-based tactical espionage game will go into beta sometimes within the next 1-2 months. In a stream hosted on Twitch, designers James Lantz and Jason Dreger showed off one of the...
  4. OUTL4W

    Survarium’s open beta to launch in Russian-speaking territories by year’s end

    Add to My News Story by Stephany Nunneley Sat, Jul 20, 2013 | 22:16 BST Survarium’s open beta should launch in Russian-speaking territories by the end of the year, according to Vostok Games’ Oleg Yavorsky. Speaking with RPS, Yavorsky said it will be PvP mode only, and the plan for the...
  5. DM Forbington

    BF3 BETA

    Ya its sick, any1 else have it yet?:Morbid:
  6. Night_Raven-_-

    BF3 beta released

    no its not, yeh i lied get over it, but i got sum good news, expect to see the beta coming this week guys or something good from DICE about BF3
  7. GaZa

    Socom 4 beta

    Just wondering does anyone already have this beta, or has played it some where, where it was available.
  8. DM xDarkKx

    Rumor:PS3 Black Ops Server closing?|SOCOM 4 Beta!

    Rumor:PS3 Black Ops Servers shutting down? In response to ongoing connection issues and vocal customer criticism, a spokesperson for Activision has reportedly told an angry PlayStation 3 owner that the publisher may shut down Call of Duty: Black Ops’ PlayStation Network servers. Senior...
  9. Night_Raven-_-

    Killzone 3 Beta

    If you have ps plus, your lucky. If your one of the first 5,000 people to download the KZ3 theme you can have access to the beta which starts on Oct. 25th. In other news gran turismo 5 release date has been delayed till the holiday season which actually isnt that bad, PS3 plus gran turismo 5 for...
  10. OUTL4W

    Clue to Black Ops Beta?

    Could this be hinting at a beta? Just go to register on the official COD forums and this is a list of benefits. * Exclusive Offer: Register and immediately receive Call of Duty: Black Ops Wallpaper * Become an insider to receive news before it hits * First access to extended cuts...
  11. W

    Medal of Honor Beta Key(PS3)

    Ok So for those who havnt tried the Moh Beta . I found this site that is giving out the codes. all u have to do is register. If theres already a thread about moh beta key then u can delete mine. Just being nice xD after u get the code just go to Moh home page and redeem...
  12. DM Ace of SPADES

    MOH beta

    I downloaded it so was wondering who else did.Lets play together if yall get on.My PSN is NoXsADreW I had to make a new one cuz my old acc was actin up so i couldnt DL it.But anyway add me guys and lets pwn in moh.
  13. OUTL4W

    Halo Reach Beta?

    Anyone try the beta yet? I gave it a try last night for shitz & gigglez...Meh...don't get me's defintitely a different take on the franchise...which I like. I really like headhunter. Took a few games to get use to the new control scheme. I really wish mw2 had "theatre" mode...that...
  14. DM Ace of SPADES

    MAG Beta

    Did anyone download it?I know another beta was released on the 4th.Im a level 16 sniper so far so if you did downlad it and play hit me up. PSN-KrAzEdxSPADES.
  15. DM4L_Andy

    MAG Beta (PS3) Get your mag beta key before they are gone!
  16. DM4L_Andy

    BattleField Bad Company Beta

    Ok well i was watchin IGN video and this website is giving away beta codes for bad company on ps3. The website is and you have to registr on thier site. They are givin codes for subscribers and limited ones for the public(non subcribers) I got mine and im waiting till November 19...
  17. DM Blazer


    Some of you may know i have the mag beta. I was flooded with messages on PSN asking me how it is and how they can get it or if i have more keys. To make things clear, i wasnt playing the beta. I was downloading the beta, the beta is 300 mbs, however once you start it you have to download an...
  18. D

    Mag Beta Gameplay
  19. DM Blazer

    MW2 Beta Soon!

    Yes, MW2 beta is soon going to be announced soon, basically if you dont want to read it, it says that Beta coming soon, people who ordered the prestige edition will get immediate access however ppl may be able to get in. At first im going to try to get myself in...