1. OUTL4W

    Alex is here to lay Wood

    Since opening day at hecmanroto I’ve been trying to figure out a way to help players from the daisy 10-team leagues to the big boy 20 team leagues. I’m trying out a new format that features more players but less chit-chat. I’ve been drinking all day so I’ll be irrationally angry in my...
  2. OUTL4W

    Michael Brantley: The New Alex Gordon?

    Cleveland Indians outfielder Michael Brantley is well on his way to setting career highs in home runs, runs, RBIs and steals, so why is no one noticing? If there's one player I can't shake, it's Alex Gordon. No, it's not because we share the same first and totally awesome name; it's because...
  3. DM KNIGHTParikh

    FFA Killcams (Andy, Alex, and Rico)

    wwyqWGGz4w0 ^This one was when I entered a FFA and Drator and Andy joined fs_Ra3iB7Io ^This one was right after and UnitedCrew_Gnar decided to join NC0IlKwiK5Y ^And Rico joins *Watch in HD