1. DM firevice

    About the KHL Plane accident

    In case you haven't heard of this yet: Former Avalanche players Karlis Skrastins and Ruslan Salei (Avs actually traded skrastins for salei) were killed in the accident. None of you probably care, but I came across this depressing blog...
  2. DM DrAcO

    draco motorcycle accident

    So most of you know I have a motorcycle. (Suzuki 600). And today while leaving work I came around a corner at about 40mph and slipped on a rock and the bike threw me off and it landed a few feet in front of me. I got lucky and only sprained my hip and left elbow and kind of fucked my bike. But I...
  3. DM Ryan

    Earth quake in Haiti: Not an accident?

    Pretty interesting, the second video is very believable! More on H.A.A.R.P in relation to 911/haiti/hurricane katrina