1. DM Bowser

    DM MoH:H2 War Record(Revived 10/24/10)

    Total Record: 11-3 Wins: iP:6x MV:1x Vo:1x uK:1x Wz:1x NY:1x Losses: MV:1x iP:2x
  2. DM Bowser

    DM MoH:H2 Roster (Revived 10/24/10)

    Commander: DM Bowser Co-Leader: DM xH u n t Members: DM 904BEAST DM iNSANE x DM F3RM DM4L COLT 45 DM LtSlyHer0 DM RaGeFuLL DM AmaZinG DM Mario DM x951RPNx 11/12 Members Rules: No Warring without a commander's approval. Co-Leader must have approval of Commander before making any...
  3. C

    One of the saddest days of my life, 10/24/10

    10/24/2010 Last night one of the pastors from my church was shot and killed. He was like a brother to me and by far one of the greatest servants to Christ I have ever seen. I had the honor of being one of the last to talk to this great person last night in a chat on Facebook minutes...