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    DM in Destiny/Destiny UPDATE

    Right but Destiny isn't too competitive right now. I'm going to just utilize this site.
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    DM in Destiny/Destiny UPDATE

    Hey guys, If you ever need help with anything on Destiny (PS3), then feel free to add CptTaco. I'm a level 28 titan. I'm really interested in expanding DM into Destiny so if you are interested then pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee let me know so I can learn how to set up a clan for us in Destiny. I'm not...
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    Destiny Raid Groups!

    Hey guys! If you have Destiny on PS3 Then you should add CptTaco. I'm looking for people to join my fire team and do raids or PvP with. I'm a level 26 Titan and I also started a Warlock character too. This could give us some good exposure too. -Senshi
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    Lets Count to 30K!

    20732 (10 char)
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    Black Friday 2013

    39" HDTV for $169 at Best Buy
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    Happy Birthday Senshi, aka Cpt Taco

    thank you guys! I love you all haha
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    Ps3 GB team?

    I wouldn't mind having a PS3 team besides hunter. Who's up for iyt? the bad thing is that I only play on weekends haha
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    PS3 Black Ops 2 TL Crown

    Good job guys! Can you guys add me on PSN? CptTaco I only play on weekends, but I would like to play with you guys someday!
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    Old Friends

    Right here :coffee:
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    DeMon Gaming & Team FeaR

    Great Job Toon, keep it up man.
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    dM EL1TE + PS3 Black Ops Update

    I'm CptTaco on PS3 and I want to let you know that I'm very proud of all the DMs I see on PS3! Carry on :coffee:
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    say something about the person above you!

    I had great times with you back in MOHH and the all Demons from five years ago
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    Black Ops2 Multiplayer info...

    thanks for that video post
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    DM™ QuickScope Division

    good luck, I can support you on youtube with my CptSenshi account
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    bf3,sc4, mag

    I only have one account and its CptTaco on Valor and I will move back to SVER in about 10 levels
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    bf3,sc4, mag

    I play MAG, add CptTaco
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    Ashley *High Five*

    add CptTaco
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    im fully back.

    no idea who you are, but feel free to add CptTaco
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    What is DM playing these days?

    just playing FIFA12 and Madden 13 until BO2 comes out and we'll be back on PS3
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    First Month

    I'm now a senior in highschool I take AP Chemistry, Physics, AP English, AP Calculus, Spanish IV, Yearbook, and Music Chronicles. I play football and will play tennis this year. School has been alright, but since it's my last year I can't wait to leave and go to college.