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  1. DM RC-blazer

    Halo 4, fuck yeah! Behind the scenes and in game footage! Dem graphics... Article about the video. Well...COD can go fuck itself this year, Halo 4 baby. ;)
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    Need a small favor.

    Hey guys, I have some course work from college, and it's a questionnaire for the marketing part of my course, it would be much appreciated if you guys could just answer a few questions? =) 1: Have you been on holiday before? 2: What kind of holidays do you / would you like? 3: How many...
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    MW3: Underused and underdogs.

    Not sure i any of you guys have seen this, but this guy gives really good tips on some of the stuff on MW3 that seem to be ignored and left on the side lines.
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    Happy Birthday Krysis!!!

    Congrats on getting through another year Brother! Hope you having a good time! =D
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    Happy Birthday Psy!!!1!!!!

    Happy birthday Bro!! =) Hope you enjoy yourself man! See if you can get a birthday kiss from that special girl! (Relatives don't count. =P) And here's a funny Vid of me and ATv from back in the day. =P
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    Just in-case some people live under a rock... _kK4mwRbYns Here's a trailer for BF3's multiplayer. FUCKING WANT NAO!
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    If you had a COD perk in real life

    What COD perk would you want if it effected your everyday life? I would like Marathon pro, I'm a fast runner already, but I'll be able to run for ages and vault over stuff even quicker. Oh, and inb4 Atv hating on last stand.
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    Amazing live action short based on Portal. No, srsly, it's amazing.
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    This comic strip is amazing! It's interactive! You need to turn your sound on, and scroll down at your own pace.
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    WHY YOU SHOULD GET MW3!!!!!1!!!

    0l1N23KcJno If some one could make that watchable here, I would wub them forever. (I know how to do it, it's just not working. =()
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    Battlefield 3 | Caspian Border Gameplay Now, I'm not the biggest BF fan ever.... BUT THIS LOOKS FAWKING EPIC!
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    San Francisco Police Shoot Innocent Victim 5 Times After Chasing Him Down For Not Pay WHAT THE FUCK!? I've been hearing lots of different stories, anyone know the truth?
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    Happy Birthday Ace!

    Have a fucking good day! ;)
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    I'm here to predict your destiny!! Have fun.
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    I was bored, and I was told about some chat box for Justin Bieber this is what I do. =P 4jesse
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    Th new Friday...(?) I dare you to watch it all the way through...not even I could... Edit: Damn, my E key fucked up again...
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    Black Ops map pack 2 trailer out. Here ya go, couldn't care anyless for it, but this is for you guys. <3
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    Yeah, it's new years day in the Uk, screw waiting for America till I post this, I'm to impatient. HAPPY NEW YEAR DM! 1/1/11 BABY!1 :D
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    So, what did you get for Christmas?

    Sup DM, we all know it's X-mas time (If you don't gtfo <3) and with Christmas comes presents (YAY). So, feel like telling your Bros what you got? Just post here! I got a couple of games that I can play with my Bros now! Such as. COD:Black Ops MoH Battlefield Bad Company 2 Left for Dead...