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  1. DM Ryan

    #Playstation Hell Let Loose (console)

    Anyone want to get a battalion together on Hell Let Loose for console Under the classic “DM” name? Add my T17 name: ftsu#3106 Or PSN: ftsu_
  2. DM Ryan

    Call of Duty 5: REVIVAL?

    Anyone down to start up the cod5 clan for ps3 again? I have been playing at allot and its 10x better than mw2. If you havent been playing it, you will be pwned at first like I was but i found my gun and after 3-5 games im doing avg. 4.5 k/d a game. And i have no other game to play besides...
  3. DM Ryan

    Call of Duty 4-PS3

    Who play cod4 for the ps3? ONLY reply if you play it. Fealing left out of the clan cause thats the only game i play D:
  4. DM Ryan

    Earth quake in Haiti: Not an accident?

    Pretty interesting, the second video is very believable! More on H.A.A.R.P in relation to 911/haiti/hurricane katrina
  5. DM Ryan


    Its ryanelite, got a new ps3, only have cod4 & 5 for now(only playing 4 till i find 5 XD). For now add PSN: xDrewciferx RYANTRULE=FAIILLLL!!!!!
  6. DM Ryan

    Preview of the Cod WaW Site

    I recently got permission to make an individual site for the DM Cod WaW clan members both ps3 and xbox what do you think of this preview.
  7. DM Ryan

    Free ipod touch

    This will take less then 5 minutes, and can help me get an ipod touch. i will teach you how to get one too this is not a scam just IM me my aim sn is nealxd
  8. DM Ryan


    My names on SOCOM:FTB2 is ryanelite i would like to try out. maps im good at are thin ice, market day, and silent canyon. and i dont glitch.