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  1. DM Kinger

    MLB ASG 2013

    First off, I would like to say... THE AL WON LFG. Second, that was the best all-star game i've seen. Usually they are kind of dull and putt along, but that was actually pretty entertaining, like the 2008 one was. My favorite highlights: All of Mariano Princes triple Kipnis coming up big Manny...
  2. DM Kinger

    Card Hunter

    Hey guys, So I've kind of converted "communities" from CoD to PC based ones. I found this game (it's in beta) called Card Hunter . I'm somewhat into it (haven't really touched it in a week however), and I think some of you may like it. There are lets plays and yada yada yada, but if you have...
  3. DM Kinger

    Filtering Help????

    So today my school decided to create a web filtering device. I was just wondering if there is any way to bypass this. It is frustrating to not be able to access some sights that I use on a weekly basis. Any help would be appreciated. Btw the program/utility is Fortinet. I don't want to get...
  4. DM Kinger

    LoL Players?

    Alright so I just playing League of Legends (LoL), and am getting into it. Feel free to add me, Kinger145, I'm not the greatest but whatever. Anyways, if there are any players here, it would be great to play. It's only casual since typical games are 30 mins long.
  5. DM Kinger

    Shooting in Connecticut

    As most of you have probably heard. A shooting in Newtown, CT occurred today. Just to make it clear, this is not a "gangsta" town, this is white America. As some of you may know I'm from MA and have family all in CT and spent 5 years of my life there. This is literally a 90 minute drive away...
  6. DM Kinger

    How Did You Get into Gaming

    Just wondering how we all got into gaming. Over our career we decided on competitive, but what was your start? For me I was a ps player. I'm pretty sure I started off on ps2 and then ps1. The game I remember was Turok Evolution (by the way I was 5 and watching this.) then over time moved to...
  7. DM Kinger

    Olympics 2012

    The opening ceremonies just finished up and tomorrow swimming starts. Anyways I will be watching most of thebswimmin stuff and towards the end, the basketball. Also some wrestling and table tennis since my brother wrestles. Which leads to this: what events are u going to be watching this...
  8. DM Kinger

    Ichiro Suzuki traded to Yankees

    For you baseball fans, or even if you don't follow too closely, you most likely know who Ichiro Suzuki is. Well the cornerstone/main figure of this franchise has been traded. This could be compared to the Red Sox trading Nomar. It's really questionable, even though he wanted to be traded. Story...
  9. DM Kinger

    (SPOILER) The Dark Night Rises Review

    So this is my assessment of The Dark Night Rises (TDKR). Please vote (after you've seen it) on what you personally thought of the movie. And please feel free to voice your opinion. I never saw the first of this trilogy (Batman Begins), and I saw The Dark Night. I do feel that the Dark Night...
  10. DM Kinger

    Scariest Games Ever???

    Alright so my dbag friends suggested this game called Slender to me. They only told me it was a speed run to collect shit from a pedo. Anyways, I didn't watch a YT video or anything before. So I flipped the shit. Then, since my brother got the indie bundle, I played Amnesia. Both of these...
  11. DM Kinger

    Connection Help

    Alright so I've been having some issues. Mostly (by the title) I have issues with my NAT and connection in general. I've figured out my problem: UPnP. It's not available. I've enabled and shit, but yeah, it doesn't work. So my connection test ends at NAT Type 3 and UPnP: Not Available. No...
  12. DM Kinger

    Happy Birthday RC!

    Happy birthday RC!!! Hope it's a good one. Idk if it's past or present, I'm a dumbass on time zones. bday
  13. DM Kinger

    Black Ops Tips and Tricks

    So I haven't gotten the game yet. Tomorrow I'm going out and getting it, but since this game has been out for a year and a half I was wondering what tips you guys have. Like weapon suggestions, gameplay differences (From mw2 and 3) and stuff to avoid. Btw I'm hoping I can join the team once I...
  14. DM Kinger

    DM FLB Trading Block

    It should just be a sub-forum with the number of Fantasy Baseball threads I post, but I had an idea... DM Trading Block. I truly hate ESPN's trading block system, and I think it's a good thing to do for the beginning of the season (and maybe) the rest of the season. Just offer a player (place...
  15. DM Kinger

    DM Fantasy Baseball League [UPDATE]

    ALRIGHT. As some of y'all in the sb know, ESPN screwed me. Literally i remember seeing "the draft is in 2 hours and 3 mins" and then it hiccuped. Anyways, we had some team issues and I decided to make a fresh league. DM Fantasy #2 (Ik creative). Same damn password. #1 THING: If u join u...
  16. DM Kinger

    This why America is fucked up

    Tax season is around the corner, and everybody complains that we pay for the hobos medcare. This is sorta true, but in fact u pay more than what GE pays in taxes. So in all reality, we pay for what the...
  17. DM Kinger

    Peyton Manning's Future

    Its official folks, Peyton Manning is a Bronco. I guess Tebowmania was a short lived event. Anyway it's going to be interesting to see what is going to happen to Tebow and how Manning adjusts.
  18. DM Kinger

    DM Fantasy Baseball

    Pretty self-explanatory. I was just wondering if we actually have a DM fantasy baseball league. If we don't I'm thinking about starting one. It can be MLB, ESPN, etc, i really don't have a preference. Thanks!
  19. DM Kinger

    True Parenting

    I'm this guy's daughter's age, but I totally agree with him that what she did is stupid. But I feel this is a little over the top. I'm sure you've probably seen this via fb or something but for those that haven't, you can watch this guy's parenting skills...
  20. DM Kinger

    Things MW3 could've done better

    Last night I decided to change it up and go back to Mw2 from mw3. This change made me realize that Mw3 feels kinda like a game they made just to make money, and not to please the gamer long term. I then thought about the differences between mw2 and 3 and realized that besides the graphics, the...