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  1. DM Kinger


    Bump. Summoner Name: Kinger Don't play a lot, nor am really looking to climb, but I'll take it seriously if someone invites me
  2. DM Kinger

    say something about the person above you!

    Needs to play with me then :)
  3. DM Kinger

    say something about the person above you!

    Uhhh. Don't have anything to say.... Uhhh... Needs to get a PS3
  4. DM Kinger

    Fantasy Baseball '14

    Oh shit.. Big commitment here. Idk if I'm cool with a 3-5 year set up. I can't think that far into the future. Simply being, I'm 16 turning 17. In 5 years a lot of shit is gonna happen. This could still be a hobby or could be something that I'm not just interested in. I personally enjoy resets...
  5. DM Kinger

    Getting Ready For the 2014 Baseball Season! Need Suggestions!

    I would like to rejoin. I may hit a small summer slump, but I actually will take it more seriously than years past. I will also draft this year which is new. Anyways, a keeper league seems cool. I'm a bit inexperienced with the concept, but it I like the idea. The categories H2H thing is a...
  6. DM Kinger

    Fantasy Football '13 Thread

    4-1!!! Lets go bitch.
  7. DM Kinger

    Three Guys Pretended To Be Cops To Get GTA V Early

    I typically don't read these, but this one made me laugh pretty hard.
  8. DM Kinger

    Fantasy Baseball 2013 Thread

    Just wanted to say it was a great year in FBB for us guys. We had a full league (even with spots of inactivity) and I think most people kept track of what was happening down the stretch, and made moves to improve. Also, congrats to Team Padilla (I have no idea who this guy is) for winning it...
  9. DM Kinger

    Blazers Birthday!

    I'm sorry I'm a couple days late, but happy birthday dude
  10. DM Kinger


    happy birthday toon. Hope its fun
  11. DM Kinger

    Fantasy Football '13 Thread

    My tradition continued with not making drafts. Haven't looked too much into my team, but I should pull it around in the next couple of weeks. Once again sorry for not making, I had stuff to do. I may have told you, but my apologies.
  12. DM Kinger

    Fantasy Football 2013 Spots Available

    This. Probably gonna miss it now. I planned around for it.
  13. DM Kinger

    Fantasy Baseball 2013 Thread

    Dammit. Went on a 5 win streak but still didn't make playoffs. Gotta get more active in May and June I guess.
  14. DM Kinger

    3DS pokemon :O

    I recently got into Pokemon Diamond again (yeah 7 year old game) as for 3ds I doubt I'll get one and get X and Y with it. I would love to but LoL is more fun and takes less time. Edit: So yeahhh, don't really know about the 3ds but pokemon is always a reliable purchase.
  15. DM Kinger

    Fantasy Football 2013 Spots Available

    Serious players only... Super intense... But I like sabremetrics... So... fuck it, baylife . I'll try it. I'm pretty active on the computer. Shoot me an invite. I'll PM my email.
  16. DM Kinger

    Don Mattingly Has the Dodgers Rolling

    Who was the first to 60 wins? Oh, thats right the RED SOX
  17. DM Kinger

    MLB ASG 2013

    First off, I would like to say... THE AL WON LFG. Second, that was the best all-star game i've seen. Usually they are kind of dull and putt along, but that was actually pretty entertaining, like the 2008 one was. My favorite highlights: All of Mariano Princes triple Kipnis coming up big Manny...
  18. DM Kinger

    Fantasy Baseball 2013 Thread

    Accepted. Sorry for the hassle, thought I had no bench for pitchers... Lol
  19. DM Kinger

    Fantasy Baseball 2013 Thread

    @DM 951RPN, Solid offer, I'm gonna have to see how Peavy is after all-stars.
  20. DM Kinger

    Fantasy Baseball 2013 Thread

    Oh shit, i kinda forgot about this... All in all its a fun league. I wish i did the draft or I would have a stronger team. Its whatevs tho. in baseball news, I'm pumped for the all-star weekend. My favorite event all year for any sport.