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  1. x_-Noctis-_X

    sup fellow dm peeps!

    its been a while since ive logged into this site lmao...ive said in the past that id rejoin clan dm (after ive retired from RR due to technical difficulties) but i havent been able to get my hands on a psp mem card...i miss playing with all those RR peeps (SHOUT OUT TO MY RR HOMIES!) and wow i...
  2. x_-Noctis-_X

    my demotivational

    well i was playing mw2 yesterday and someone started a hacked server, thought i might as well take a screenie and make one of these...too bad doesnt show the speed hack in which after one game my lightweight mile count went from 2-12 moar funny pictures and for the hell of it, if you have any...
  3. x_-Noctis-_X

    funny video

    lmao one of the funniest flash videos ive seen thus far: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  4. x_-Noctis-_X


    starting next week...I, the master of rr (not really), will be returning to the DM RR scene....looking forward to pwnin by ur guys side soon enough :D
  5. x_-Noctis-_X

    a little taste of my skills...

    well here are some screenshots of my modern warfare 2 endscores on the pc :D....i am of course >PG< Wolf
  6. x_-Noctis-_X

    pc mw2?

    i always ask this question but forget where i posted it so i can i decided to jsut make a thread lol...i just wanted to kno who of you played mw2 on the pc so we can play together....if you do have it, add steam username is Godlessx
  7. x_-Noctis-_X


    ok so im sorry for late response but a lot of homework is being given b/c end of semester is near and gotta study...i uploaded the vid on utube and here it is...kinda crappy but i think the pics show more than the vid since it has crappy quality...: V6LdVQNahPY
  8. x_-Noctis-_X


    omg guys i saw a fucken alien at my b-day party...more exactly i saw the ufo...good thign is we got pics and video of the here's the story: i was playing outside with my cuzins when i looked up and saw a red orb floatin in the sky...naturally i thought it was a copter...but then it...
  9. x_-Noctis-_X

    my awesome grenade headshot

    jsut as the title says...i was playing AVA and i got this awesome "WTF!" moment...check it out 9PeaFVXDs40 my end score reads 44-17
  10. x_-Noctis-_X

    movie site?

    anyone mind sharing a good site for downloading movies? i kno about warez but most links are for rapidshare and i hate downlaoding from therre...
  11. x_-Noctis-_X

    x_-Noctis-_x hellafunny jokes thread.

    due to popular demand (by that i mean poisonedevil) i have decided to start posting jokes on the site again so here we go! EDIT: forgot to state (for copyright reasons, etc.) that these jokes are not mine, im simply passing them over from another site for your entertainment. enjoy!
  12. x_-Noctis-_X

    apologize for my absence

    i jsut thought id let u guys kno the reason for my long ass absence...first it wuz due to no compatible cfw for psn, and when the plugin psnabler came out allowing psn online gameplay, MY MEM CARD STOPPED WORKING >=O!!!!!!....but good news is i got a new gamer comp and am waiting to get my hands...
  13. x_-Noctis-_X

    my friend in street fighter

    my friend is ken....kickass comback
  14. x_-Noctis-_X

    my AVA skills

    i was pwnin all day today on AVA and i thought i should share da besty scre of the day (im Godlessx btw)
  15. x_-Noctis-_X

    anyone else play this?

    i recently downloaded "combat arms"....anyone else playing this?...i really like this game i just wanted to know if anyone else played this game...
  16. x_-Noctis-_X

    wtf...virtual memory?!

    ok so i got my new comp...finally lol...and i played halo 1 on it...when it starts it says i have low virtual! my comp has 6 gb of ram...ati radeon grfx card (forgot which one) with 512mb discrete i read that u can change this is recommended to change...
  17. x_-Noctis-_X


    well seems i fucked up on my choices for the other poll i have now deleted here are new heroes....VOTE NOW! (if you selected someone not mentioned plus mention him/her here)
  18. x_-Noctis-_X

    my ifrst matches under new name

    well it seems i needed a name change cuz ive been playing like a true pro :D...check out a few of my matches: my best score ffa ever!!!!but i gotta say some those players were nubs =/... batman dced from the start and it was 3v4 for a while but then fate left and the other team got...
  19. x_-Noctis-_X

    my new identity

    hi just wanted to inform RR dm clan players that i have changed my account name to "GodlessDiscord" tor plz kik noctis out of the clan and add me on this account...thnx
  20. x_-Noctis-_X

    just bought new comp...made right choice?

    *COMP EXPERTS ONLY REPLY PLZ THNK U* thats the comp i bought...i was reading reviews about it afterwords and the one main thing thats bothering me is that people are saying there isnt enough...