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    DM in Destiny/Destiny UPDATE

    Hey guys, If you ever need help with anything on Destiny (PS3), then feel free to add CptTaco. I'm a level 28 titan. I'm really interested in expanding DM into Destiny so if you are interested then pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee let me know so I can learn how to set up a clan for us in Destiny. I'm not...
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    Destiny Raid Groups!

    Hey guys! If you have Destiny on PS3 Then you should add CptTaco. I'm looking for people to join my fire team and do raids or PvP with. I'm a level 26 Titan and I also started a Warlock character too. This could give us some good exposure too. -Senshi
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    Miss me?

    Well i been gone for awhile but lately i've been playing mw3 on the weekends so i'm certain you guys could use an extra player like me. You guys should add CptTaco and lets party up sometime and make our name known. Now I know you guys are like who the hell is this guy well? All i have to say is...
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    DM Logo Request

    I know I haven't been here for awhile but I need some of your help all you GFX pro or photoshop experts, I'd like to see what kinds of logo you can make for DM, I'd like to start placing them on diffierent websites, just make a very nice logo and I will do the rest. Thanks guys! :coffee:
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    My RR Story

    Chapter 1: I got RR in a format called .cso I was so amazed by the sheer power of my PSP, I forgot how much power my PS3 had. So I tired to play RR but I got a daming error message, moments later I figure how why it kept doing that with the help of Mr.Nozzle. Moments later, I was in a game...
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    DM Site owns

    Just for the record
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    FTB2 War Report (3 wars)

    Our first war was with uF and we lost it was 2-1, we lost the first round, damn boom, second round me went 6-1(Bad Habit), and we lost the time breaker... The pic of DM and uF in the lobby Last night we had 2 wars with Burning and Si, We owned Burning, but they put up a good fight...
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    ED Anyone?

    lol weird convo with me and SK
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    DMclanforum vs OD site

    ok so ren say DM site was unorganized and said was more organized than dmclanforum, you tell me :coffee:
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    Make a GB ACCOUNT and let tits invite you to the PS3 GB team, now!
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    Our Old DM Site!

    Let us not Forget! Last but not least, to prove I was there I made this topic! :biggrin: That site is like 2 and a half years old :coffee:
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    My COD5 Stats(PS3) you can also have it too, just link up your account with that VIP code. You can see ALL your matches! Compare your stats with others on the forum and shit, for the PS3,360,PC, and Wii
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    COD5:DM Ownage(PS3)

    To Prove that we are alive in COD5 in PS3 here are so Pics and a rather quite funny 1 at the end. DM Squad(PS3) Fast Won and instant Ownage (War) Even Faster Won (War) 2 Dead guys and 1 Dog :thumbsup:
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    COD:WaW 43-10

    Pure Ownage, my friends :coffee:
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    What I do....

    As some of you know my parents own some stores in Ohio, I get to watch 1 of them, when I get bored or I'm not in school. Here is the 4 Cameras I get to watch, we have like like 16 per store. :coffee:
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    I blew off Tit's Chest :coffee:

    Here is the proof... :coffee:
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    COD5 play Times(PS3)

    I need to know your guys time, cuz I want to try Zombie Mode with you guys. Mine is on week days: 8:00PM-10:00PM and on weekends it is random
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    CptTaco's COD5 Ownage Pic

    So I play my first Free for All(FFA) and got like 30-9, so I kept playing and here are my pics to prove it. :coffee: Last 1 was very fucking close.. lost my mojo :coffee: Later
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    Its an App for the PS3, Pretty Cool. :coffee:
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    How to get

    HD Videos in youtube? I'm using H.264 Format, with MP4 Container, err anyone know how to do it?