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  1. mashupman

    PS5 moniter

    Can anyone recommend a good monitor for PS5? Also scouse your a git. That is all
  2. mashupman

    external storage for ps4

    I have installed a 4TB external storage unit to my Ps4 to free up memory for games. As im sure everyone knows at this stage, the 500GB the ps4 comes with, is being eaten up by bigger and more demanding games...(really just cod which is taking up best part of 200GB all by itself). I think the...
  3. mashupman

    cod update problem
  4. mashupman

    TLOUII.....Who's bought it?

    is this worth buying seen as PS5 is so close?
  5. mashupman

    Twitch allegations against streamers

    Twitch addresses sexual assault allegations by suspending streamer Twitch is now addressing sexual assault allegations on a case-by-case basis following a series of sexual misconduct claims. The live stream platform is now “looking into the recent allegations of sexual abuse and harassment...
  6. mashupman

    #GamingNews MW:Warzone what are your classes?

    I am back playing cod for first time I aaaages. just wondering what classes you lot are using? what would you say are best weapon combos? I like to run assault n shotty (2 primaries) so which 2, compete with which attachments, would you recommend? tia