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  1. OUTL4W

    Halo TV series on Paramount+

    Anyone watch the halo trailer? FFS…guess I’ll have add paramount+ to my already multiple subscriptions.
  2. OUTL4W

    Elite controller 2

    Anyone have to send theirs back? Just wondering how long you had to wait....I bought 3 and have to send back 2....
  3. OUTL4W

    Do you drink any craft beers?

    Just wondering....picked up a 6pk of Coney Island Root Beer the other day...and damn that shit was delicious.
  4. OUTL4W

    IPA, Stout, Lager, Porter, Wheat, Belgian Style..?

    Personally I don't like to chew my beer....My taste trends towards the lager & Belgian style type beers...
  5. OUTL4W

    Cold War first impressions?

    welllll? Actually first CoD where I didn’t start below 1.00 kdr... q~ what does the crown beside my name mean? Host? update: I like theater returning but I also like to be able to “flag” a specific game for later viewing like in previous black ops games... Call me noob but I actually like the...
  6. OUTL4W

    Which Operator pack are you currently running with?

    JFC..with so many operator skins out there...just wondering which ones are you running around as...Shit...I'm still using Captain Price operator. Howabout you?
  7. OUTL4W

    -Multi- PC PC vs Console FOV

    saw this on twitter and wondered how this does not give PC more advantage in crossplay?
  8. OUTL4W

    Microsoft permanently closes its retail stores

    Microsoft locations in NYC, London, Sydney, and Redmond will be turned into experience centers...
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    Announcement CoDwarfare Mascot(s)

    You may see new popups across the forum that contain our new mascot(s).
  10. OUTL4W

    Slowly climbing the charts

    I use to check website keyword rankings and we are slowly climbing the charts: use google to search for "cod2020 forum" to confirm...
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    test sub-forum

    sub-forum is created by group admin with the options of:
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    Test thread

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    New Group Created - TeamCoD (example)

    OUTL4W has created a new group called TeamCoD (example). an example forum for team members to create for their members
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    -Multi- MW:Warzone Duos, Juggernaut and player count upgraded to 200

    Will be releasing Duos very soon, along with a Juggernaut LTM in Warzone, and the player count is being upgraded to 200 according to this most recent datamine/leak.
  15. OUTL4W

    What are you doing right now?

    Just thought I would make this thread as so many of us have important lives to lead outside of gaming forums.... So I hope you all are happy & safe on this Memorial Day weekend....also directed to our recent UK contingent who have their Remembrance Day in November. I’m just making a Memorial...
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    -Multi- Steam PC Team Recruitment

    Created this section for any members seeking a team or any Teams seeking members ~ One Team Thread Per Clan. Any duplicate will result in having the thread merged together, or the other duplicates deleted. ~ You may bump only once every 5 days, and the post must be a real update, not a one word...
  17. OUTL4W

    #GamingNews MW:Warzone CoD MW-2019 ~ Which maps do you hate?

    Saw this come up in @Ghost 141 twit feed and thought it would make a good subject. That shipment map is too damn small...JFC, all you have to do is stand in the corner with PKM and just wait till the enemies spawn in your ads zone
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    Founding Member How-To change theme

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article How-To change theme. Please add to the discussion here.
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    Founding Member Push Notifications

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Push Notifications. Please add to the discussion here.