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  1. DM Morbid

    Mohh1 - on PC?

    For anyone out there who might check/return to this forum, I thought it might be worth making a general announcement. Forb and I are looking into setting up a private hosted server for mohh1. We are hoping to have this server be capable of connection through a psp emulator on PC. Just looking...
  2. DM Morbid

    Xbox One owner changes gamertag to ‘Xbox Sign Out,’ trolls Ghosts players hard

    Re: Xbox One owner changes gamertag to ‘Xbox Sign Out,’ trolls Ghosts players h lolololololololololololol :)
  3. DM Morbid


    Happy 21st to DeMon Gaming's very own TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNAMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIII ::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers
  4. DM Morbid

    3DS pokemon :O

    oh and did i mention they are bringing the original super smash bros to the 3ds next year!!!
  5. DM Morbid

    3DS pokemon :O

    Red was an awesome pokemon game. Fire Red is a pokemon game that will make you jizz in your jimmies.
  6. DM Morbid

    3DS pokemon :O I juan!!!
  7. DM Morbid

    3DS pokemon :O

    I thought fire red was a really well done remastering of the original red. The graphics in the new pokemon look so sweet. I have always enjoyed the pokemon series and will always have a special place in my heart for these game <3 Anyways, where there is a will there is a way. Right now i am...
  8. DM Morbid

    3DS pokemon :O

    Who here has a 3ds? i know there is a new pokemon coming out for it and i am considering getting it....curious if anyone here has an opinion on how nice the 3ds is?
  9. DM Morbid

    COD Ghosts

    Yea it does seem like it is just you and I a lot of the have been very active the past few months rpn and i think you have gotten quite a bit better because of it
  10. DM Morbid

    COD Ghosts

    Just watched the multiplayer reveal....tons of new stuff coming to cod. Looks pretty intense, looks really good for incorporating clan activities which excites me...maybe start a new age for DeMon Gaming. Who else took a look at the MP Reveal? Opinions? K2uN1gwxM8o
  11. DM Morbid

    Clueless Gamer Conan O’Brien tries his hand at Atari 2600′s E.T. the Extra-Terrestria

    Re: Clueless Gamer Conan O’Brien tries his hand at Atari 2600′s E.T. the Extra-Terres that E.T. game looks so bad hahahaha i wonder how much it retailed for
  12. DM Morbid

    Firing range themed intro - for gigglez

    thats really sweet!
  13. DM Morbid

    Happy Birthday Morbid

    Thanks guys :)
  14. DM Morbid

    DualShock 4 and Xbox One pad – first impressions

    That controller for the ps4 can do some pretty cool bad it still looks like the same shape as the uncomfortable ps3 controller.
  15. DM Morbid

    FreaK | DM Team Page

    Awesome, if you can keep this team playing matches weekly for a month, me will be happy.
  16. DM Morbid

    Ps3 GB team?

    I loled!! Everyone needs to go listten to thhat song...."why can't we be friiends...."me gusta
  17. DM Morbid

    A blast from the past do you even youtube..
  18. DM Morbid

    PS3 Black Ops 2 TL Crown

    keeping it sexy as always hunter
  19. DM Morbid

    Shooting in Connecticut

    I feel horrible for what happened to those children and everyone else involved. It is tragic and sad that some people just don't care about anyone and think going out with a bang is cool or something. Ruining so many lives? Go to hell. On another note, guns don't kill people, people kill...
  20. DM Morbid

    Tournament Time!!

    I am with Hhasy. Just a bad time for a should have done it during Christmas break. If someone wants to make a team, im in. Just contact me and let me know when to be one my xbox.