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  1. DM DHomeboy

    Hey Buddies <3 :)

    Soooo whats everyone doing? I just got into a new place and a bomb ass new restaurant job. Also I'm one semester away from getting my Bach in Hospitality :). I don't really game that much unless its defiance or bo2 (Mw3 Broke D:) I do plan on getting the xbox 1 though so I'm just biding my time...
  2. DM DHomeboy

    H+ Digital Series

    The series is based on a future where one-third of the world's population has an implanted computer, named H+, which connects the human mind to the Internet 24 hours a day. The implant was created by a company called Hplus Nano Teoranta, an Irish biotechnology company founded with the intent of...
  3. DM DHomeboy

    12/2/12 Crossfire Update

  4. DM DHomeboy

    New Crossfire Team Roster.

    iNvictus[dM] Leader -SkeptiQ (me) LT Sugarfoot- SlappinHoes. Members Dub.Slow Nisashi Faze.exe [DnB]only Whizzy. _Phyceteam -Gamble
  5. DM DHomeboy

    Halo 4 Montage [sick]

  6. DM DHomeboy

    Mitt Romney assassination plot

    :lies: yTCRwi71_ns
  7. DM DHomeboy

    Seal Team Six and MOH:Warfighter?

    :lies: Seven current members of the Navy's elite SEAL Team Six, including one involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, have received non-judicial punishments for having served as paid consultants for the video game "Medal of Honor: Warfighter." Four other SEALs who previously...
  8. DM DHomeboy

    Tribute to Video Games

  9. DM DHomeboy

    Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

    BfJVgXBfSH8 K56gSEJ6IGc WbBYG77VeCE :lulz:
  10. DM DHomeboy


    xMZu8It7NfQ LMFAO!!!
  11. DM DHomeboy

    The True Story Behind The Rugrats and All Grown Up

    Although its long read it all, its a very interesting story. Prepare to be mind raped guys. This is the whole story: The Rugrats really were a figment of Angelica's Imagination. Chucky died a long time ago along with this mother, that's why Chaz is a nervous wreck all the time. Tommy was a...
  12. DM DHomeboy

    Black Ops 2 Gameplay

    For those of you that missed it :3 pTtsn2Srm3E
  13. DM DHomeboy

    Happy Birthday Spades!!!!!!IK:HIOLUDLHKSHGSJHGDKJS

    bday have a super good day bruh because good days are for hoes.
  14. DM DHomeboy

    Cryptik.DMG team update May-June 2012

  15. DM DHomeboy

    It's True and You Know IT!

  16. DM DHomeboy

    Im on the floor dying!

    etX34k8e4FE go to about 40 secs in
  17. DM DHomeboy

    Le CF Team Update.

  18. DM DHomeboy

    What happened to the Mario Bros

  19. DM DHomeboy

    RaidCall Voice Chat.

    As all of you know, we use raidcall voice chat. All members are required to get it. Our server room ID is 4291209 Rules are plain and simple. 1. Annoying: 2 Warnings and then BAN. 2. Mic left on: 2 Warnings and then BAN. 3. Excessive Swearing/Raging: BANNED. 4. Playing porn through mic...
  20. DM DHomeboy

    Cgl League Info.

    **BANDICAM IS REQUIRED** **MOSS IS REQUIRED** RULES: (at the end of the match where it shows the game result take a screen shot,save the replay, and send the screen shot and replay to at...