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  1. DM Razor_Bladez

    Peyton manning released by colts..

    Yup it finally happened.... Yes he was a good quaternack but his ego got on his way.he has a Merton with the minnisota franchise soon.. What will it be like with Manning on the vikes if he gos?
  2. DM Razor_Bladez

    Megaupload is back! (legit thread) .… My life is complete once again(this is different then the .com version from earlier)
  3. DM Razor_Bladez

    Megaupload has been shutdown!

    yep the feds shut it down... Sad day in life...
  4. DM Razor_Bladez

    Sick Ass Console Mod! HOLY FUCK!! Toonami ur good with psp's and xbox's... Get to fucking work!
  5. DM Razor_Bladez

    For All my metal heads/post hardcore

    Check these guyz out... Everyone Dies in Utah
  6. DM Razor_Bladez

    Win A free razer Headset! go here to find out the details on how to win there r a few steps have t register.
  7. DM Razor_Bladez

    Cydia Ipod Sources?

    I recently jailbroke my ipod touch and im looking for some good sources post em if you have any please
  8. DM Razor_Bladez

    My youtube channel

    I'm starting some commentaries.. give me honest feedback.. and just for a fair warning.. its Minecraft not cod.. so dont expect n e 360 ladder stall fakie noscopes..
  9. DM Razor_Bladez


    puppy his name is Mattox
  10. DM Razor_Bladez

    Favorite flavor of Ramen Noodles

    OK This goes for the Instant lunches too.... We were tlking about Ramen Noodles in th sb and now I'm Wondering..What are your two favorite Ramen Nodles flavors? Mine are Picante Beef or Shrimp (also u have to add some cayane pepper for some spice)
  11. DM Razor_Bladez

    We stitch these Wounds this song has very powerful lyrics n its by my favorite bands... also listen to knives n pens by them these guyz r serioudly great n have very powerful lyrics.
  12. DM Razor_Bladez

    PS3 Portable ID

    <a href=""><img src="" width="230" height="155" border="0" /></a><br/><a href="">Get your Portable ID!</a>... i...
  13. DM Razor_Bladez

    OMG!!! FLIP OMG!!!

    HAPPY BIRFDAY TRAINER!!!!! lmfao bet u u didnt think i would last two years...bdaybdaybday
  14. DM Razor_Bladez

    Guess What r4z0r Has??

    Yesterday I went to the doctor and got diagnosed with the Swine flu, I wouldve told u guys earlier but i couldnt move for the past 2 days... so yea... Thts it i got da H1N1 but the only gud part is my doctor says it wuz like chicken pocks where after u get it u cant get it again.. so im just...
  15. DM Razor_Bladez

    The Big Lebowski

    can n e wun find me a stream of this movie??? i really wanna see it again
  16. DM Razor_Bladez

    R4z0R dominates wun vs wun

    yea bad quality cell fone pic but poin is i wun 20- 3 n u can see it but da dude wuz tenth 65 even though rank means shit
  17. DM Razor_Bladez

    OOPS!!! She did it again.. Vannesa Hudgens more nude pics ........... hehe she really filled out since her last photos
  18. DM Razor_Bladez


    I think Girls have super powers because they get wet without water, bleed wit out injury - Make boneless meat hard and make men eat with out cooking haha is it true or no...::blunt:doublefuckyou:
  19. DM Razor_Bladez


    HE Threw a Perfect game!!!!!AHHHHH!!! first person since randy Johnson to get to no hitters and a perfect game!!!! LOOK AT THE VID THT SAVED HIS PERFECTO!!!!! It wuz amazing to watch i almost...
  20. DM Razor_Bladez

    Cool halo 3 vids Pls no negativity i just though these were...
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