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    cod update problem
  2. mashupman

    Twitch allegations against streamers

    not sure about Dr disrespect yet...lots of rumours going round but remains to be seen with him. I read that Destiny streamer SayNoToRage made an apology for this kind of thing...I dunno....maybe video games turn people into pervs or what!!
  3. mashupman

    TLOUII.....Who's bought it?

    is this worth buying seen as PS5 is so close?
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    Twitch allegations against streamers

    Twitch addresses sexual assault allegations by suspending streamer Twitch is now addressing sexual assault allegations on a case-by-case basis following a series of sexual misconduct claims. The live stream platform is now “looking into the recent allegations of sexual abuse and harassment...
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    #GamingNews MW:Warzone what are your classes?

    right, so I uninstalled game and latest patch and reinstalled overnight..managed to play a couple of games....hopefully problem resolved. @OneDrunkOUTL4W similar style to me..also......separately, tagging isn't working properly....once I start to tag someone here it resets. it starts off...
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    yeah I can see it but it's not working.....I think

    yeah I can see it but it's not working.....I think
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    #GamingNews MW:Warzone what are your classes?

    still same fucking problem here...any ideas @Ghost 141?
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    #GamingNews MW:Warzone what are your classes?

    right what's he story with this fuckwit of a game crashing my ps4? crashed it multiple times when I downloaded the game from the store and multiple times with this goddamn patch. I've read it's common but no answers what to do really ffs
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    #GamingNews MW:Warzone what are your classes?

    Ghost 141 must have been Xbox then...saw you online on cod menu
  12. mashupman

    #GamingNews MW:Warzone what are your classes?

    Ghost 141 did I see you on cod on ps4 yesterday?
  13. mashupman

    #GamingNews MW:Warzone what are your classes?

    yeah I'm trying to avoid going to buddies do it and I think they are just cheap kills..
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    #GamingNews MW:Warzone what are your classes?

    I am back playing cod for first time I aaaages. just wondering what classes you lot are using? what would you say are best weapon combos? I like to run assault n shotty (2 primaries) so which 2, compete with which attachments, would you recommend? tia
  15. mashupman

    Here I am!

    God knows what's gonna happen with the football. waiting 30 yrs for the fucking lge and this shit!!! I've read so much about whats gonna happen i dont know what's true or realistic. As long as we do actually win the lge (and not just given it because we were so far ahead). don't need any more...
  16. mashupman

    Your goto snack/drink while gaming?

    at the minute Heineken and tayto crisps- cheese n onion flavour
  17. mashupman

    Here I am!

    only room for 1 Yorkshire man here IshTing :) only just joined ya keeping?
  18. mashupman

    #Playstation PlayStation 5 controller DualSense revealed

    I wonder if / what these 2 are? functions or nothing? I've had a few beers and in suspicious mode.
  19. mashupman

    #GamingNews Welcome to CoDwarfare

    look after yourself if you're still working mate. I been off last 2 nearly 3 weeks as we been told only essential workers. boring as fuck but has to be done
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