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  1. DM Sandman

    Happy Brithday UC

    Happy birthday bro!! I sure hope u hbe had a great one so far and that it only continues tonight ;) be safe man!
  2. DM Sandman

    Happy Birthday MsterySock

    Happy birthday MysterySock aka Huggy!! I hope u have a great day bro!! Btw I miss our old ftb2 days :(
  3. DM Sandman

    sorry for the inactivity

    I know most of u guys dont care, but i still feel like an apology is needed. Im sorry i havent been on the site too often anymore. im not gona lie either, ive just been too lazy to get on, and i apologize. ive just had other things on my mind like me trying to bounce back from a horrible...
  4. DM Sandman

    Happy Birthday Hug!

    i kno u dont get on the site much any more but u still deserve a thread. so happy birthday man!! enjoy it!
  5. DM Sandman


    Happy Birfday Grillz!!!!! light one up for me bro!! ;)
  6. DM Sandman

    Yeah, here is another one

    Alright, ive been thinking about this, going back and forth, and now ive come to a decision despite how hard it is. I am stepping down from ftb2 commander (which really wasnt to big of a job for the past 2 or three weeks) and i am not going to game competively anymore. its just way to hard to...
  7. DM Sandman

    The Location of the BAT CAVE!!!!! Dun, Dun, Dun

    Yes u read correct my friends. i have discovered where our own DM Batman does all his secret, lawful, nasty (lol) justice. It was a suprise to me as well, because even tho the Dark Knight was filmed in Chicago, i didnt know that Gotham was part of this massive city. now the story of how i found...
  8. DM Sandman

    Happy Birfday Spades!!

    happy birthday bro!! i would give u the best basketball game of ur life as a gift, but u dont live up here. and we missed the oppertunaty to play the last time. oh well just dont get too messed up today haha
  9. DM Sandman


    Dude i never see u on the site anymore. u gotta get on more often bro. But Happy Birthday man!!! i hope u have a great one
  10. DM Sandman

    my first rap battle lol

    so my friend made a status on facebook to wish another friend of mine a happy birthday. he put a little ryhme in it and i decided to comment with a small ryhme of my own. then he had a little rap of a comment and at that point IT WAS ON!! i had alot of fun doing it so i thought id post it for u...
  11. DM Sandman

    Ifest 2010

    just incase u guys are interested i thought i would show this to you. these are videos of our schools arabians international fest 2010. and in both videos i am the guys that is kinda in the middle but more to the left. u will also be able to tell that it is me by my big head night performance...
  12. DM Sandman

    a kool site

    Ok this friend told me about this site and its great. On this site one can download things such as firmware, movies, games and so on. But the only thing i hav been able to download from the site are movies. And they aint like old movies, they got some tht just opened up in theaters. Well anyway...
  13. DM Sandman

    Banned AGAIN

    this is starting to get crazy. i got my psp back from my mom about a month ago. since then a different hacker has banned me 4 times. each time has been a week long. now im banned again so i just wanted to let u guys kno.
  14. DM Sandman

    new guy

    yo wat up guys. i jus wanted 2 say hi and tht im new. i recently joined da ftb2 roster and hopefully da ftb3 cln as well. but da point is tht i jus wanted 2 say tht im happy 2 b in DM and proud 2 b part of this great family. i hav already met some of u great ppl and hope 2 meet many more of u...