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  1. DM God§ H3®o

    Good TV series/ Movies you recommend?

    Well I just got Netflix and was wondering if you guys have any good shows or movies you want to recommend. I like action movies, movies that make you think, and comedy for the most part, and I dont like drama or gay romantic shit. I also never watched lost, and was wondering what the fuss was...
  2. DM God§ H3®o

    Movie suggestions?

    Got any movie suggestions I can get at my redbox? Prefer Comedy or Action films
  3. DM God§ H3®o

    Super Bowl Predictions

    Lets hear them I got Pats by 1 possession 28-24
  4. DM God§ H3®o

    Bosnia vs Mexico Streaker

    Mexico played Bosnia last night at the Georgia Dome...and of course I went and about 30,000 other bosnians from around America and the world came, and we lost by mexico 2-0 from the two most stupid goals. This was the highlight of the day, and also the smoke bombs and toilet paper thrown...
  5. DM God§ H3®o

    Im Awesome

    <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  6. DM God§ H3®o

    Bangs take u to da Movies

    Well for those of you who haven't heard about him yet...he's from africa so he has an american elementary school vocabulary. He's bad is all I have to say
  7. DM God§ H3®o

    Bangs take u to da Movies

    For those of you who haven't seen this guy yet... he's from africa so he's stuck to american elementary school vocabulary to use in his lyrics. He's pretty bad is all I have to say
  8. DM God§ H3®o

    World Cup 2010

    Well, since the groups for Euro qualifiers have been chosen, and the World Cup is nearing, I think its time to make a poll to see which team you think will win. Im going with Spain, although Im rooting for Slovenia since Bosnia didnt make it and France cheated its way into there. Since there a...
  9. DM God§ H3®o

    Everyday Normal Guy

    #'s 1 and 2 2: 1:
  10. DM God§ H3®o


    This just goes to show you that the right music makes even the toughest people look ridiculous. <embed src="" allowScriptAccess="always"...
  11. DM God§ H3®o

    Fight between fans leaves 1 guy dead

    Well, this past saturday there was supposed to be a match vs FK Sarajevo and NK Sriko Brijeg....the fan supporters for Siroki are Croats, and Sarajevo are mainly bosnians, although there is some croats. The pussy croatians brought a gun and started shooting...left 1 person dead,who was shot in...
  12. DM God§ H3®o

    Velež-Zrinjski Derby '09

    Fuck the croats and their gay Svinjski team Mostar u srcu Velež do groba! We will kill them Playing them October 4th It's not a game it's a lifestyle RED ARMY FOR EVER
  13. DM God§ H3®o

    Name Fail

  14. DM God§ H3®o

    GH is going on vacation

    Ok so tommorrow at about 3 ill be leaving for the airport to go to bosnia and croatia for about 2 months. At that time ill have limited internet access and might come on the site. Ill be on the beach mostly, so this is just a heads up. Bye, Ill also have to stay up at about 3 A.M over there to...
  15. DM God§ H3®o

    Goal Celebration Fail!

    I got to give credit to baller for this one because he showed me it lol
  16. DM God§ H3®o

    Jamie Foxx ruins a not funny comedian

    Ok, so i know this vid is old but its always funny. Doug williams fucking sucks. Watch the whole thing
  17. DM God§ H3®o

    Tribal wars april fools

    haha thats shit got me bad did it get any of you? i dont wanna say what it is because it will ruin it for you guys who play it
  18. DM God§ H3®o

    Bosnia vs Belgium 4:2 All Goals World Cup Qualifier 3-28-09

    1st Goal: Edin Dzeko fucking amazing strike 2nd Goal:Fucking amazing cross by misimovic to berberovic for the goal 3rd Goal: Great lob by bajramovic for the goal assisted by Dzeko 4th:and....MISIMOVIC! for the 4th goal
  19. DM God§ H3®o

    Crazy Bosnian Fan

    Lmfao this guy is amazing and the announcer owns also, this was when bosnia kicked belgium's ass
  20. DM God§ H3®o

    New Bosnian National Soccer song

    I know not much of you give a shit but this is fucking awesome GO BOSNA! I added another vid same song but different pics