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    Season 2 Reloaded Bundles

    Which of these bundles do you have?
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    Just some quick clips

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    Halo TV series on Paramount+

    Anyone watch the halo trailer? FFS…guess I’ll have add paramount+ to my already multiple subscriptions.
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    There is a possibility Call of Duty Will Be Xbox Exclusive in 2024, What we need to understand.

    Guess eventually I’ll have to remove the other consoles…
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    Great tips…Thanks for posting…
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    Warzone Pacific Event - Secrets of the Pacific leaks

    we wouldn’t have…without your hard work and commitment. Let’s hope more will recognize us…
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    Welcome J…cool vid. For some reason..I just didn’t like playing warzone & ALWAYS getting sniped from a mile away…
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    after 9 years of being inactive im back! Demonking lives!

    Welcome back, sunshine. Bout damn time! We rebranded the forum after low activity. A few old DM’s still come back. Stick around…a few new things are in the works.
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    Battlefield 2042 Confirmed by EA Origins Store leak!

    I’m always getting fucking sniped in Battlefield….but..128 players? Holy shit.
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    Elite controller 2

    Just a week?...dammit. And ALL NEW thumb sticks & paddles? I hate you....
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    Elite controller 2

    How long did it take?
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    Elite controller 2

    Anyone have to send theirs back? Just wondering how long you had to wait....I bought 3 and have to send back 2....
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    Do you drink any craft beers?

    Just wondering....picked up a 6pk of Coney Island Root Beer the other day...and damn that shit was delicious.
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    IPA, Stout, Lager, Porter, Wheat, Belgian Style..?

    Personally I don't like to chew my beer....My taste trends towards the lager & Belgian style type beers...
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    black ops cold war season 1 leakage

    when does season 1 start?
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    First look at Mall At The Pines 6v6 Multiplayer Map Black ops Cold War Season One

    still looks like a camp fest. I already see many of the score streaks would be useless on this map. Can't remember...were we able to have specific score-streaks per class in previous CoD's unlike Cold War?
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    black ops cold war season 1 leakage

    You plan on getting any of these skins?
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    Black Ops Cold War: HUGE SEASON 1 LEAKS

    What’s up with all the invalid vids? Other than that...loved Raid...had some intense battles on that map. That “Pines”’mall map is a lil reminiscent of the “Twin Pines” mall from back to the
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    Things that make you laugh

    Can any of you UK slags interpret this for me? LOL...
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    Cold War first impressions?

    What am I missing here? Why are the stats different?