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  1. KLGChaos

    2:40 Cranked KEM STRIKE w/ Bulldog! - Commentary

    Dead Eye has a chance to increase damage of the weapon by 40%, getting a higher chance with more kills. Starts out a 12.5% chance and after 4 kills gets up to 50% chance for each shot to deal double damage. And the Bulldog is so OP... It dominates small maps and encourages all those campers...
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    My first system was the Atari 2600.... Could hook it up when I was three. First game-- Combat.
  3. KLGChaos

    Left 4 Dead 2 Free on Steam

    Already have it! Fun game. Haven't played it in like a year, though.
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    The only thing I didn't like about Infinite is that is seemed shorter than the other two games and it had little replay value outside of trying new vigors. The first is still my favorite.
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    Thanks for the welcome everyone. I'm not on Xbox anymore, I'm afraid. After my hard drive died, I switched to Steam and the PC and haven't looked back. I may end up getting the Steambox, though. If it can play all my steam games, that would rock. I could use the smaller monitor on my PC for...
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    EA facing another class-action lawsuit over Battlefield 4

    It's what happens when development studios go "corporate". They stop caring about the quality of the games themselves and instead focus much more on the all-mighty dollar. It stops being an art form and turns into a business. Just like how reality tv clogs up all the channels. Money over...
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    Fallout 4 Exists and Wii U Disappoints - IGN Daily Fix

    After the first hoax, I'm not getting my hopes up until we get a real, concrete announcement from Bethesda. I'm waiting for this game more than any other at this point.
  8. KLGChaos

    Black Ops 3 leaked by Sgt Woods voice actor

    Whoops! Looks like some backtracking there. :P Probably won't mean that much, though... Look at Fallout 4. The guy who played Three Dog said something months and months ago and we still haven't heard anything yet.
  9. KLGChaos

    New ‘Heavy Duty’ playlist (moshpit playlist with increased health) now available

    Re: New ‘Heavy Duty’ playlist (moshpit playlist with increased health) now avail Well, people were complaining that everyone dies too quickly in this game. I'll give it a try just to see.
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    Profile is set to public, but I didn't have the url... should be all set now. Edit: Just checked it myself. It says it can't find the profile in the box, but when I click that, it takes me to the page. Weird. Edit 2: Just figure out the problem. I had to put my steam ID in all lowercase. Seems...
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    I plan on it! And thanks for having me! :)
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    Infinity Ward details new fixes and improvements coming soon to Ghosts

    I think it's due to a combination of the map size and the many, many flanking routes you can take. You push too far into a spawn and people start popping up randomly on the map (usually behind you) and they can easily come from any direction. I think that's why camping has become so rampant in...
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    Yes... there was Abe Froman, Force, Jack Baur, Shotty and Mugz... They had the DM clan tag. Lag was pretty bad, so they ended up leaving (understandable), but it was nice finding people working together. Clans seems few and far between on Steam. :( It's possible they aren't members of this...
  14. KLGChaos

    Infinity Ward details new fixes and improvements coming soon to Ghosts

    Very glad they are looking at the spawning system. Ghosts is fun, but being shot in the back by someone you just killed or spawning, taking one step and dying isn't. Glad snipers are getting toned down a bit as well, at least in the flinch department.
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    Hello, everyone. I'm KLGChaos and I've been looking for a nice PC clan to play with. I saw some players online with the DM clan tag and a google search brought me here. I'm 34, have been gaming for over 30 years. Right now my main game is CoD: Ghosts on Xbox where I have a 1.4 k/d and play...