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  1. MajorTom

    Mohh1 - on PC?

    It's been a while since I've been on this site, and an even longer while since I've played MoHH; I myself would definitely be down if a private server is still in the works. My steam name is redasurc and my discord is redasurc#8183 if anyone wants it.
  2. MajorTom

    What game do you guys play on pc ? ^^

    Hey Dhome, do you play either 1.6 or 1.7 CoD4, cuz I'd like to play with someone from DM.
  3. MajorTom

    hmmmm read its important

    Clan hoppers have no place in a serious clan that stays around for more than two-three weeks in online games. It's either you take it serious and win the fucking game with your clan or you join clans that don't take clan hopping as seriously. Just don't recruit em, that's one of the problems I...
  4. MajorTom

    say something about the person above you!

    iz obiushly a polees ophiser
  5. MajorTom

    *OFFICIAL* Who is getting Modern Warfare 2 Thread

    PC for me, eventually if my moms being a turd
  6. MajorTom

    I was turned out by my uncle.

    Re: Delete Me Off dis site i get banned 4 joking, aint no point being in a clan like Wow man, chill the fuck out, if you cursed him out no wonder he banned you. It's called apologizing and not being a dick.
  7. MajorTom

    I was turned out by my uncle.

    Re: Delete Me Off dis site i get banned 4 joking, aint no point being in a clan like No kidding, MM is extremely cool, I think he UNBANS more than he bans.
  8. MajorTom


    There are some pretty amazing no scopes and 360, nice editing too.
  9. MajorTom

    hey peeps... remb me?

    I remember watching you and Myers 1v1, and you were talking a lot of shit lol.
  10. MajorTom

    One of my college application essays

    Pretty good, although I have to agree with not adding in "to conclude". It seems neat, and it actually has punctuation and correct spelling, unlike what I see on this site most of the time (XP). That's a pretty good amount of clubs and activities, very nice. Good luck on getting in!
  11. MajorTom


    I love you. J4L
  12. MajorTom

    anyone else play this?

    Get a mouse, it makes a big difference in your playing.
  13. MajorTom

    Favorite Team? (any sport)

    Rockies all the wayyyyyyyyy
  14. MajorTom

    MLB Postseason

    Rocks! I'll be wearing my jerseys every day!
  15. MajorTom

    wow unfair

  16. MajorTom


    In all seriousness, if you're worried about getting mugged again, if its legal where you live see if you can apply for a concealed weapons permit. I don't know anyone who wants to risk getting shot for an iPod.
  17. MajorTom

    Possible 6v6 w/ T2O (MoH2)

    I have MoHH2, if you guys need me I can help you out, just tell me and give me a coupl days to warm up, IF you need me.
  18. MajorTom


    Happy birthday MM!
  19. MajorTom

    Does anyone else find it funny...

    Last time I checked America wasn't the only country to use the internet, Ren.
  20. MajorTom


    That kid is an imitation batty