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    sup fellow dm peeps!

    heeeey... ive been good dude. good to know you still care < are u?
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    say something about the person above you!

    goddamn 6286 posts! who wouldve thought my thread would make it this far lmao
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    sup fellow dm peeps!

    i dont play black ops anymore...its too boring...but i do have a 2.17 k/d :) btw i did mention my technical difficulties lol my psp hacked...i dont own the umd, i had it running from the mem no mem card= no RR i forgot wut email i have used lmao....
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    sup fellow dm peeps!

    hhhheeeeyyy atv! ive been gaming with my clan on pc platform games lol care to share ur insight? rlly good, u can say we were the DM from RR in MW2 hey long time :D...ive been good just pwning in other places haha...79 nukes for mw2 >:D i miss u too man, we'd pwn so hard in RR i miss...
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    360/PS3 Black Ops Clip Thread

    my funny grenade headshot on the pc version of black ops 08_Ssp0N5wo
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    sup fellow dm peeps!

    @rc haha yea still goin? that was like 3 years ago haha... @dwi yea i kno bro how u been?
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    sup fellow dm peeps!

    its been a while since ive logged into this site lmao...ive said in the past that id rejoin clan dm (after ive retired from RR due to technical difficulties) but i havent been able to get my hands on a psp mem card...i miss playing with all those RR peeps (SHOUT OUT TO MY RR HOMIES!) and wow i...
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    You Know you're bad at MW2 when

    - when you talk about your sex life even though ur voice defines you as not being able to produce semen yet....
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    my demotivational

    well i was playing mw2 yesterday and someone started a hacked server, thought i might as well take a screenie and make one of these...too bad doesnt show the speed hack in which after one game my lightweight mile count went from 2-12 moar funny pictures and for the hell of it, if you have any...
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    Favorite MW2 Classes

    lmao me and a friend (he has it on ps3) entered a game tournament our school hosts 4 times a year and we got second place...almost lost first round though due to crappy guns but we managed to pwn :D (on the 360)
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    Favorite MW2 Classes

    ump45 with silencer m10shotgun with grip semtex marathon, stopping power, ninja all pro painkillers harriers chopper gunner nuke this is my best class, guaranteed chart topper best sniper intervention w/ fmj (great for quickscoping) akimbo rafficas semtex slight of hand stopping power steady...
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    funny video

    lmao one of the funniest flash videos ive seen thus far: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
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    xXx ♥ Beautiful Girls ♥ xXx

    i am obsessed with this may recognize her if you watch abc's modern family... SOFIA VERGARA!!!! ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME...lmao
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    T2O vs DM FTB3 (2x)

    it seems i need to get this game patched and online asap....i cant help but need to kik ass to those who talk shit to us...
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    I have an idea to make money

    hows about i jsut pick a corner and we all work for cash...wouldnt that be more efficient than waiting for clicks?