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    PS5 moniter

    Can anyone recommend a good monitor for PS5? Also scouse your a git. That is all
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    Ps5 Price and release dates confirmed.

    ordered mine last week at game stop but told not guaranteed to get it for Christmas!! hopefully there will be enough units and I get me a new gizmo on launchday :)
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    played a bit yesterday and tbh a little underwhelmed. It's blops, so the TTK is different from the usual MW TTK, that's fine and to be expected. I like the fact u can see damage meters now and not just kills/ deaths. I think, i could be wrong, but when your match is done you remain in the same...
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    external storage for ps4

    I have installed a 4TB external storage unit to my Ps4 to free up memory for games. As im sure everyone knows at this stage, the 500GB the ps4 comes with, is being eaten up by bigger and more demanding games...(really just cod which is taking up best part of 200GB all by itself). I think the...
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    #Playstation PS5 pricing coming tomorrow?

    I thought so..knew you wouldn't be able to lololololol
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    #Playstation PS5 pricing coming tomorrow?

    what software did you use for the intro @Ghost 141 ?
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    New here

    Hello Nicolay.....welcome
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    cod update problem
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    Twitch allegations against streamers

    not sure about Dr disrespect yet...lots of rumours going round but remains to be seen with him. I read that Destiny streamer SayNoToRage made an apology for this kind of thing...I dunno....maybe video games turn people into pervs or what!!
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    TLOUII.....Who's bought it?

    is this worth buying seen as PS5 is so close?
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    Twitch allegations against streamers

    Twitch addresses sexual assault allegations by suspending streamer Twitch is now addressing sexual assault allegations on a case-by-case basis following a series of sexual misconduct claims. The live stream platform is now “looking into the recent allegations of sexual abuse and harassment...
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    #GamingNews MW:Warzone what are your classes?

    right, so I uninstalled game and latest patch and reinstalled overnight..managed to play a couple of games....hopefully problem resolved. @OneDrunkOUTL4W similar style to me..also......separately, tagging isn't working properly....once I start to tag someone here it resets. it starts off...
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