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    I know it's been years, but how has everyone been.

    I know it's been years, but how has everyone been.
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    New GB/MLG Account i made a new account, couldn't figure out my old info. add me if your trying to do any DM teams for ps3. gonna be getting a ps4 and xbox one with taxes to , maybe a 360 slim 2 if its worth it.
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    welcome to the site man . DM is definitely a good clan to be in and the community is very humble to other players.
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    Tactical Slide or Dolphin Dive?

    yes i use i use it all the time just so a funny kill. people be mad when u keep doing that shit to them. but going turtle time in the water is even more hilarious.
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    Who's getting a ps4?

    i am but not til the next system patch . getting both after taxes so watch out xbox players streets is coming to tear shit up.
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    Report: Call of Duty Ghosts already hacked on consoles

    its cod i wouldn't expect nothing less lol
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    GTA V Online

    yeah the online is pretty awesome this time .
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    Site Downtime

    alright cool thanks for letting us know. and what kind of upgrades.
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    sure will. . . . better than following these rappers and shit who absolutely now I think are retarded or something with some of their jackass tweets lol
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    once my net back up rpn ill be right there with ya. maybe we can pull one out the ass and shock one with a underdog what the fuck just happened moment lol
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    that's good rpn, its what im trying to do. win or lose any team anyone scrim with is just a scouting them to see what as a team to pick up on. if were ever going shoot for real competition as a clan this is the next step win or lose.
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    ok so once I hear back from some teams you guys ready for some scrims
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    Play's of the Week

    well once I get my apples lap top back I have pretty good software I use for editing my work. I mostly stick to paid projects but I think it might be time to do some work for DM and unleash my genius lol but would love to collaborate with people on this project.
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    oh believe me Rico I will, that's the shit that ain't happening. regardless ima shoot for Max pay 38 yrs of service. I know I wont have worry about a job during in between cause my brother's friend owns he's own production company lol
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    but yeah tor instead of moving to Cali with my brother like I told u. I decided to make my own path and fullfill something I wanted to do b4 shit went all south lol . plus doing it for my kids to. and b4 I hear more ppl say man u could get shot and killed. that can happen now with how society...

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