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    Old Friends

    Mayor werent you ST Italia
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    Good TV series/ Movies you recommend?

    Thanks for the suggestions and threads, Ive been watching Lost and so far Im hooked, great show!
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    Good TV series/ Movies you recommend?

    Well I just got Netflix and was wondering if you guys have any good shows or movies you want to recommend. I like action movies, movies that make you think, and comedy for the most part, and I dont like drama or gay romantic shit. I also never watched lost, and was wondering what the fuss was...
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    Shooting in Connecticut

    My thoughts and condolences go out to everyone who was effected by this senseless act.
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    Assassin's Creed 3, fuck yeah!

    Does this game follow the other games storylines? I never was interested in the series until I saw the commercials for this one, so is it worth getting if you haven't played the other ones?
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    Mitt or Obama?

    A Mormon and a Black man! Terrible for them southern Christians ain't it! Sorry had to say it just messin with you
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    Olympics 2012

    I'll give you one example, Allyson Felix. Was 5th in the 100m final, Won gold in the 200m final, and set a new record in the 4x400. Phelps set his eye on 8 different events, and trained for every single one. He won gold in every single one. This year, he competed in less events, and didnt win...
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    Olympics 2012

    Bolt has the 400m and the 800m. He doesn't compete in that because Bolt is not as talented as Phelps is in swimming, either that or he doesn't want to be seen as a third or fourth place finisher. Yes he's fast but in no way a better olympian than Phelps. Swimming is not just freestyle 100m and...
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    Olympics 2012

    Sick first goal by Japan and second goal by the Mexicans against Japan. The 200m final should be good because Bolt will have much more competition than in the 100m
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    Olympics 2012

    Love that Murray beat Djokovic. Looking forward to the final of the Men's soccer tournament and also the final of the basketball tournament. Also love watching indoor volleyball, and lets face it, I love watching almost every sport in the Olympics. Also looking forward to the Mens 100m and 200m
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    Kid Dies After 40 Hour Gaming Marathon

    How can some of you guys play that much, my highest was probably 4 hours max if that, the game starts to get very boring after a while
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    Heat vs Thunder

    Im talking about superstars joining one team to make it a big thing both financially and team-wise. Rodman Pippen and Jordan did not plan to come together, they ended up in the same spot
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    Heat vs Thunder

    Celtics got cheated?? Dont even get me started with the play that cost the Hawks the series... Also I hate the celtics because they started all this "Big 3" shit where big stars come together and play Also, the Thunder arent underdogs they are favorite to win. Heat took the celtics to game 7...
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    Movie suggestions?

    Got any movie suggestions I can get at my redbox? Prefer Comedy or Action films
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    DM March Madness Group?

    Sure would be fun