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    2012-13 NBA Season Recap

    Birdman is a street baller at heart. You can tell in his style on the court, but is also reluctant to make pretty good efforts. Sometimes he can be pretty risky. I was just really shocked at game 6 when the Heat was able to set up a play in the last 34 seconds. It was more impressive for...
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    Happy Birthday Morbid

    Happy birthday Morb! DM Morbid
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    Site Downtime

    I'm sorry, you don't have mentality to be enrolled in higher education nor fathom the requirements to successfully reach the goals you desire. That's all I'm going to say. Let's get real here. Education and real Life > Updates to the website. No alternative was advised, but fuck, is that...
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    Site Downtime

    Lol you can go fuck yourself. Sorry, but my time should be utilized to progress in my education rather than meet the stupid demands from someone who really needs it done. I expressed this multiple times, but it seems this notion was misunderstood on their end. Obviously my own problems were not...
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    Site Downtime

    Whoever you allowed to tamper with those files apparently seemed to inject some malicious code as well. Notice the bots? :)
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    Crysis 3

    Yes, multiplayer as well as a short campaign demo I believe. In fact, the beta is mostly for multiplayer testing.
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    Crysis 3

    Beta is pretty awesome. The cross bow will be quite the weapon to master lol.
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    Super Bowl XLVII 2013

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    Super Bowl XLVII 2013

    I'm happy for Ray Lewis since he's retiring and Kap has a lot to learn from about in a Super Bowl situation. It was a pretty intense game all the way to the end. The 49ers will have many more chances in the future.
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    Super Bowl XLVII 2013

    49ers vs Ravens. Who do you want to win? Why? And cast your vote for who you think is going to win this year's Super Bowl.
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    Crysis 3

    jV2Q0FApXRs TZ1rzJMlaT8
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    Black Ops II Revolution DLC

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    Nintendo 3DS and DS Friend Codes

    Will add you both! Please read the first page and add me as well!
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    Crysis 3

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    Happy Birthday Senshi, aka Cpt Taco

    Happy Birthday dude :coffee:

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