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    Fantasy Baseball '15 Thread

    What's up DM! If you wanna follow our Fantasy Baseball League, the link below will take you to our home page. Fantin(Team Canada), RPN(DODGERS RULE), and Myself(SD Bruh) are in the league. You don't have to follow the link since you need to be registered so every now and then we can post...
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    Fantasy Baseball '14

    Check the rules now, I found a good balance that makes the top hitters equal to the top pitchers. I think this will be a great and improved season with the new rules. If you want a list of all the rules you know how to contact me. Link...
  3. DM Bowser

    Fantasy Baseball '14

    "I have a similar idea in place in my league. What I do is that we have 5 keepers per year, but each keeper gets a "contract." Each manager gets to keep one player 5 years, one 4 years, etc. Last year my keepers were: 5 - Ryan Zimmerman, 4 - Adrian Gonzalez, 3 - Cliff Lee, 2 - Dan Haren...
  4. DM Bowser

    Fantasy Baseball '14

    Alright guys Spring Training is just around the corner and that means it's baseball season! In a few days I'll be setting up the league again and I would like to know who's interested in playing with us! Last year was a pretty good turnout and I hope we can repeat that again, hopefully even...
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    Welcome! Hope to see you stay :tails:
  6. DM Bowser

    Movie pic game

    Back on track
  7. DM Bowser

    Movie pic game

    Die Hard. Btw Outlaw change my name back to Bowser please :D
  8. DM Bowser

    Movie pic game

    I'll take this one for you Cpt ;)
  9. DM Bowser

    Getting Ready For the 2014 Baseball Season! Need Suggestions!

    I found this on a forum and I really like this concept. But one question I have is should we start the keeper league with our current team or start up a whole new draft using the auction method? Let me know! @DM Kinger, @DM 951RPN, @DM xFantin, @DMxBrAwLeRx First it has to be an Auction Draft...
  10. DM Bowser

    Getting Ready For the 2014 Baseball Season! Need Suggestions!

    Hey what's up baseball lovers! You guys remember our Fantasy Baseball League right?? Congrats to Team Padilla for winning it all.. Baseball is really challenging. Anyways, with all the offseason activity going on with Cano...
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    Fantasy Football '13 Thread

    ya'll niggas suckk
  12. DM Bowser

    Fantasy Baseball 2013 Thread

    Team Padilla is one of my good friends. Met him through work about a year ago. It was a good year and you can expect it to be an even better one next year with new people replacing the inactive ones. Padilla actually won the football league last year beating CptReilly in the Championship game...
  13. DM Bowser

    Fantasy Football '13 Thread

    Lmao I actually stayed to see who you picked too
  14. DM Bowser

    Fantasy Football '13 Thread

    Alright guys ! It's that time of the year and everybody should be ready for that first game of the season! We had our draft last night but unfortunately 5 people didn't make it which is a lot. I know 3 of them told me they couldn't but they had their picks set. Anyways, what do you guys think...
  15. DM Bowser

    Fantasy Football 2013 Spots Available

    SORRY I FORGOT TO FILL YOU GUYS IN!!! Didn't see post notifications. . Anyways the draft is this Sunday Sep. 1st at 11 ET. It's locked in see you guys there! Always check the link too I have it in the first post:

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