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    The Fuckin Cinnamon Challege

    Lmfao that was great ahaha
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    Happy birthday vik!

    Happy biday bro Go Flyers!!
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    PS3 Black Ops Team

    chalk my name up onto roster
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    Socom 4 Team CWs Reports

    Re: SOCOM 4 Wars 6/1/11 good job boys
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    draco motorcycle accident

    glad to hear ur okay bro heal up
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    well hello DM

    sup uc yea im still kickin lol
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    well hello DM

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    well hello DM

    same ol shy pure and wut up sk
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    well hello DM

    ahaha glad to see u havent changed royal lol and ill be dropn by from tyme to tyme nw
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    360/PS3 Black Ops Clip Thread lil sumting i did otha day
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    well hello DM

    dam havent been on dis site in awhile not just thot id drop on in to say wuts up to all da DMs dat ik lol from wut i see you guys still up and alive good too see me tho ive been busy finally got a job been workin like crazy i dnt play ps3 dat much any more usually couple hrs a nite except on...
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    PS3 MW2

    Srry big guy
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    PS3 MW2

    I tryd dead I did but royal sed no
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    PS3 MW2

    Wuts ur gb acc name
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    PS3 MW2

    ight lol u lookin to join my roster